Star Wars The Bad Batch “War-Mantle” Episode 14 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

What a fantastic episode! This was SO much better than the previous episode.

🟢 Omega 🟢

Now that we are coming closer to the end of the Bad Batch I really do hope we are going to see what really makes Omega special. I know it was revealed that she is also a clone that has not been tampered with, BUT, that cannot be what the whole lead up was to. There must be something more to her than just her being a clone.

🟢 Gregor and Hunter 🟢

It was great seeing Gregor again. It is cool to see him on the verge of becoming crazy like how he is in Rebels. Since we do see Gregor I am sure Rex will not be that far behind. I truly think this because since Hunter gets captured, the Batch is going to call for help. They will have to get ahold of Rex and tell him what is happening to all the clones. Now that Hunter and Crosshair are together again I wonder what is going to happen. 

Side note. Did anyone else realize that Crosshair said he was going to track down the Batch and never did?

🟢 Wrecker 🟢

I LOVE that Wrecker came out and just started to shoot the future Storm Troopers. All the other Batchers were stunning, but Wrecker came out guns blazing. I think he did not use his stun gun because he now knows that his brothers, the clones, are now being replaced. So there really is no need to stun to protect his brothers. Also too I think Wrecker knows that there is no other choice now but to actually shoot because their lives are at stake. So I feel this might be a turning point to where they will all stop using stun blasts, but, I could be wrong.

🟢 Clones 🟢

When we are on Kamino and we see the group of little clones walking and wondering where they are going I got a bad feeling. It felt like they were walking to their death. I know that might be a little dark, but that is the feeling I got.

Also with the Clones, I am getting a little confused on the chip in their heads. I was thinking this whole time as soon as Order 66 went into effect the clones became zombies. But it seems like they were zombies when it comes to Jedi and only Jedi. My thing is that the Batch are going against everyone that is why they try to capture them. Even Wrecker was trying to kill them, but when it comes to Gregor he does not care who they are. So maybe it has to do with what batch they come from. Like the older you are the more the chip does not effect you. Or maybe with Gregor since he was in that big blast when we left him in Clone Wars the chip malfunctioned. Or maybe Rex already took out the chip from Gregor’s head.

🟢 Troopers 🟢

The music cues guys. The MUSIC! I legit got chills when I heard the music!! Man it was like I was transported back to when I first watched the original trilogy. The music cue comes when Echo says the troopers have upgraded their armor. I had to rewind that part at least 3 times. Even the base itself made it feel like I was looking at the Death Star.

It was also crazy when Echo says there are “50 clone commanders and 1,000 TK Troopers”. At this point is when they are starting to realize that something is very different now. Especially now since their codes do not work anymore. Their suspicions come to fruition when they see the Troopers are no longer clones and Gregor says those are their replacements. When Tech said, “TK Trooper I am not familiar with that designation”, that had me chuckling. 

🟢 Nala Se 🟢

Since Rampart wants to keep her I feel she is going to be part of creating Snoke and be part of wanting to capture sweet baby Yoda (Grogu) for his blood. Since the scientist we saw in The Mandalorian had a cloning patch. Since Rampart wanted Nala Se because she is a scientist, maybe she met up with him later on. It would be awesome if this were the case because then this would be able to tie into The Mandalorian nicely and it would tie into the sequel series.

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