Star Wars The Bad Batch “Infested” Episode 13 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

To save a friend, the Batch plot a mission to sabotage a gangster’s operation.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

I’m not gonna lie. This episode was NOT a favorite of mine. I hate to say it, but I truly did find it boring. Now. Of course I still liked it because it is star wars and the animation is beautiful.

What I do NOT understand is why the Batch is still doing errands for Cid. They already paid off their debts! So they should have left her planet a long time ago. I guess I just feel that we are getting away from the main story. Like we have completely forgot about the Kaminoins and Crosshair. I would not mind if this episode was in the beginning of the season, but we are now towards the end of the season. So, this should be when the whole series is coming to a climactic end. But instead I feel this is falling flat.

The next episode is supposed to be called “War Mantle”, so we know this is when the Clones start to get replaced with humans. I have high hopes for the next few episodes, but I am sad that the whole season has not been building up to this. Like I wanted the whole season to feel like we were always being chased by Crosshair. Kind of like Star Wars Rebels when Thrawn was always on the Ghost’s tail. Oh! And also. We have not seen as much of the Empire as I would have liked. I wanted to see them more and taking over more planets.

There is no suspense happening at all with the Batch. I just hope everything wraps up nicely at the end. But. At the end of the day. It is all Star Wars and I will ALWAYS enjoy watching anything Star Wars.

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