“Jungle Cruise” Movie Review

📸: Walt Disney Studios

I give this movie 9 out of 10 vomits


🟢 The Cast 🟢

Dwayne Johnson – Frank Wolff

Emily Blunt – Lily Houghton

Edgar Ramirez – Aguirre

Jack Whitehall – MacGregor Houghton

Jesse Plemons – Prince Joachim

🟢 Plot 🟢

Dr. Lily Houghton and skipper Frank Wolff team up for a wild ride on the Amazon.

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

What a fun and entertaining movie! This movie is exactly what I was hoping for it to be. It is a SUPER cheesy movie, but it is exactly what I want because it is based off the ride. Being a HUGE fan of the Jungle Cruise ride, they scratched all the right itches in this movie. The puns had me rolling! 😂 It was honestly as if I were riding Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It was nice feeling like I was transported back to Disneyland.

I am still in awe that they made a movie based on the ride. I had high expectations for this movie just as I did when they made the Pirates movie. And I am so pleased that Jungle Cruise met my expectations. Now, is this an Oscar worthy movie, no. BUT! It is extremely fun to watch. This movie is full of Disney magic and they really captured the essence of the Jungle Cruise ride.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt have such wonderful chemistry together. Not too much romantic chemistry, but I do not mind that as much because their friendship is so pure and great that I love it. It has been such a joy seeing them doing their press tour because you can tell they are having so much fun working together. That happiness truly plays out on the screen. Actually, everyone has wonderful chemistry together. Man, what it would have been just to be a fly on the wall to see all the behind the scenes stuff. I am sure everyone had a blast working together.

Jesse Plemons was so great in this film! I loved him on Breaking Bad. You could tell that Jesse had a lot of fun playing Prince Joachim. He played him so well.

Jungle Cruise is honestly a mix between Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie is fun for the whole family. Just the jokes alone were fantastic. I would love to see a behind the scenes of the Rock just telling joke after joke and seeing him, Emily, and Jack just laughing. In their interviews they have said that the director allowed them to improvise lines, so it would be fun to see the behind the scenes.

Quick side note. I must say. The scenery in this movie is simply beautiful.

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch 🟢

Yes watch it! This movie is perfect for Disney fans

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