Animal Crossing Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures for Northern and Southern Hemisphere – August

Here are all the new bugs, fish, and sea creatures for the month of August!

🟢 Bugs 🟢

There are 3 new bugs for the Northern Hemisphere.

locustMigratory Locust can be found on the ground from 8am-7pm

cicadaWalker Cicada can be found on trees (not Palm ones) from 8am-5pm

grasshopperGrasshopper can be found on the ground from 8am-7pm

There is 1 new bugs for the Southern Hemisphere.

Tiger BeetleTiger Beetle can be found on the ground any time of the day

🟢 Fish 🟢

There are 3 new fish for the Northern Hemisphere.

Moray EelMoray Eel has a long shadow and can be found in the ocean any time of the day. This Eel is rare

RayRay has an extra long shadow and can be found in the ocean from 4am-9pm. This ray is rare

Soft TurtleSoft-Shelled Turtle has a large shadow and can be found in the ocean from 4pm-9am

There are no new fish for the Southern Hemisphere.

🟢 Sea Creatures (Get on Your Wet Suit!) 🟢

There is 1 new sea creatures for Northern Hemisphere.

FlatwormFlatworm has an extra small shadow and its moves extra slow. It can be caught from 4pm-9am

There are no new sea creature for the Southern Hemisphere.

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