“BRZRKR” Issue 2 Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt – Writer

Ron Garney – Artist

Bill Crabtree – Colorist

Clem Robins – Letterer

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

BOOM Comics / April 2021

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I am so happy to see that the amazingness of the first issue has continued to the second one. I know it should continue, but I got so nervous because I loved the first issue so much.


In this issue we get more background on our main character, and it still leaves me with more questions LAUGH EMOJI The story is captivating and it really started to tug at the heart strings. No, it is not like crying your eyes out, but you can see that we are starting to get on the emotional side of what also is going to be driving this story.


Crabtree and Garney’s work are such a wonderful marriage of the two. The artwork is beautiful and I can only sing high praises. They both know how to draw the reader in. Don’t get me wrong, story does that as well, but without fantastic artwork a story will stop dead in its tracks. In this issue there were some pages that did not have anything written on them, but the artwork told the story all by itself. We did not need dialogue to tell us how to feel or what we should be focusing on.


This is turning out to be a violent comic series. I thought Invincible was bad. . .

🔴 Spoiler Summary Spew 🔴

B shares with Diana the story of how he was born. His mom made a potion out of spices and herbs and she went into a sacred cave to pray to the Gods. When she poured the potion into the fire her eyes started to glow blue and it looked like a lightning strike came out and created a blue electric glow around her. The next morning she was pregnant. B was born quickly and grew quickly as well. He kept having the urge to kill, so his dad taught him how to channel all of that into hunting and to put that want to kill into the enemy. Which he did. Whenever a enemy tribe would come attack them, B would come out and kill all of them.

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