“Star Wars the Mandalorian” Issue 2 Comic Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Writer – Rodney Barnes

Penciler – Georges Jeanty

Inker – Karl Story

Color Artist – Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer- VC’s Joe Caramagna

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

Marvel Comics / September 2022

🟢 Plot Spew 🟢

The Mandalorian has taken a job from a mysterious client to collect a secret asset. Upon landing on Arvala-7, Mando formed an uneasy alliance with the assassin droid IG-11 to complete the mission. But this is no ordinary bounty. This is a child. . .

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

At first I was not a fan that these comics are scene for scene with the show, but I am enjoying it. I love seeing the scenes all drawn out and I love to see the colors that are being used. I love to see the comic creators vision of something that has already been made. 

Even though I already know where this story is going. I still love seeing this artwork. It is beautiful. I also think that we did get one new scene from the show. This one looked like we got an extra scene with another bounty hunter. So that was great to see. I will still keep up with this series JUST IN CASE it does change a little. 

Even though this issue was darker. Meaning it landed more in the browns and blacks. I still enjoyed reading it. Some panels did get lost in the blacks, but I am willing to overlook it because this issue as a whole was still great to look at. Jeanty and Rosenberg do such a wonderful job at bringing The Child to life and they truly capture the scenery beautifully. 

Barnes is also still doing a wonderful job at adapting what we saw on screen to a comic. I’m sure it is very hard to pick out the key elements that would still make this comic make sense and for people to fall in love with these characters if they have not already seen the Disney+ show. 

Overall, I love that we are getting a fresh perspective of a show many of us know very well.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

While Mando and The Child get attacked by a bounty hunter. Mando defeats him and notices that this hunter had the same tracker Mando used to find The Child.

I call “The Child” Baby Yoda. Like come on. That’s Baby Yoda even though it’s not Yoda 🤭

This scene is not one that I remember from the TV Show. So I was happy to see something new.

Mando got hurt in the process and you can see Baby Yoda raising his hand to use the force, but Mando not realizing stops him and puts him back in the pram. Once they get back to Mando’s ship and he notices Jawas are there taking his ship apart for parts. Mando goes after the Jawas but they succeed in knocking him off the Sandcrawler. 

This part in the TV Show was amazing! It was like something I dreamed out of my imagination with my toys. In the comic you don’t see it, but in the show you see Mando disintegrating a few of them.

Since his ship was taken for part, Mando heads back to Quill’s place to ask for his help. They head back to the Jawas to try to trade for Mando’s items. He has nothing they want, so the Jawas want Mando to go and grab a Mudhorn egg in exchange for his ship parts. While fighting the Mudhorn, Mando is losing bad. The Mudhorn is charging at Mando and we see Baby Yoda lift up his arm and the Mudhorn starts to float in the air. Mando kills him and brings the egg back to the Jawas.

I absolutely LOVED this part. Any time Baby Yoda uses the Force I am all for it. Sadly though, these panels do not accurately portray the intenseness of Baby Yoda using the Force. In the show we see Mando give Baby Yoda a look of amazement while he is using the Force. 

Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand that comics will not always get the full range of a show, but I do feel the panel of Mando looking at Baby Yoda when he is using the Force was necessary. 

On the way back to Mando’s ship. Quill asks Mando to explain to him again what happened because he does not understand. Mando says that he doesn’t either. Quill and Mando work on his ship to put it back together. Mando then takes off to get his reward.

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