“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Episode 7 Review

πŸ“Έ: Marvel Studios

🟒 Plot 🟒

Jen visits Blonsky’s wellness retreat, meets new friends and gets in touch with her inner She-Hulk.

🟒 Quick Thoughts Spew 🟒

I enjoyed that this episode was about being comfortable with who you are. I just watched a Hallmark movie about this, and then this episode was the same thing? Kind of makes me feel like the universe is telling me something πŸ€ͺ

I like that Marvel knows how to make a light and fun episode, but the true meaning of it is something everyone can learn from.

But, at the end of the day this was still another not so great episode. I am just not liking that the plot is really thin. Like come on guys. You guys made WONDERFUL Marvel shows. So I don’t know why this one is suffering.

This show is not living up to the ‘Attorney At Law’ part of the title of the show.

πŸ”΄ Summary Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

We see that Jen and Josh have gone on multiple dates and you can see that they are enjoying each others company. The finally get together and snog for the night, but the next morning Josh and gone and starts to ghost her.

At work Jen tells Nikki that she is nominated for Female Lawyer of the Year Award.

I did not understand why Jen was receiving this award. She has done hardly any lawyering. The only thing she really did was get Blonsky on parole, and that was pretty much nothing.Β 

Jen gets a call from Blonskys parole person and tells her that he got a malfunction alert about Blonsky’s inhibitor chip. So he needs She-Hulk in case Blonsky has become the Abomination. They fix the chip and Jen has to stay behind because a guy names Man Bull who is fighting El Aguila mess up her car.

I thought it was funny that she cared about her car so much that she wanted them to pay for it when in the previous episode she did pretty good damage to a wedding venue πŸ˜‚

Stuck at Blonsky’s retreat, Jen is having a hard time calming down because she wants signal on her phone to see if Josh has texted her. She winds up in a room with Blonsky, Man Bull, El Aguila, Saracen, and Porcupine.

This was a bit much for me. Don’t get me wrong. I am sure there are lots of people who constantly look at their phone waiting for that text. But come on. Have just a little more respect for yourself. I dislike a lot that this whole episode was her waiting on a text. They should have focused more on her coming to terms with who she now is.

Man Bull – He became this way because he was given an experimental serum. It does give him bull like qualities. Like strength, speed, durability, etc. Man Bull does also show up in the Daredevil comics.

El Aguila – He is a mutant that can create electricity. El Aguila is both good and bad. He is a criminal at times, but then too he was caught in comics helping Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Saracen – We got a Vampire! This was great to see because we know that Blade is coming back to the MCU. Ok, well maybe. There are two Saracens in the Marvel universe. One is a vampire and the other one is in the Punisher comics.

Porcupine – There are two people to note that who were Porcupine in the comics. One porcupine was with Ant Man and Wasp and the other one joined the Thunderbolts.

In this therapy session with everyone, Jen is able to work through what is going on. She also gets put in her head that Josh was liking Jen for her and not caring about She-Hulk at all. You can see that Jen gets a small thought of doubt about Josh.

The night of the snogging, we see while Jen is asleep that Josh copied her phone and sent Hulk King a text saying that he got her blood and sends him a picture of her sleeping.

So I knew Josh was up to no good. But this whole interaction makes me not too sure. I am like 80% sure he is bad. 20% sure he is good. A small part of me thinks he is good because we do not see that he has the blood. We just see that he copies her phone. And that photo he sent, is it proof that he knocked her out? Because she was legit just sleeping. But I don’t know. I would hope he is good and he is like a double agent.

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