“Autumn in the City” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 5 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Optimistic Piper gives herself two months to find her passion in New York City. As she bounces between temp jobs, she and her jaded neighbor discover the beauty of the city together.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Aimee Teegarden – Piper

Evan Roderick – Austin

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I am not really sure how I feel about this movie. There were parts that I liked and many parts that I didn’t. It really did not even hold my attention either. I noticed myself thinking about other things and I was playing games on my phone. Well, now that I think about it more, I am not a fan of “Autumn in the City”.

Like I just said, this movie could not hold me attention. I wanted to like it, but there was nothing that kept me interested. I can see the route they were going with believing yourself and go after what you want and I was on board for that. But the way they wanted to send out that message was a bit boring. Now, the message with Austin and not doing what your parents say I thought was written clearly. There are many parents out there who try to dictate what their children should do in life and it always saddens me when they don’t give support for their child’s dreams. So, I was a fan that they wrote Austin the way they did. Even though he could not get the courage to do what he wanted on his own was totally fine. We all need that one friend who supports and believes in you and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Aimme and Evan I thought has good chemistry together. It was very much a friend vibe or a brother and sister vibe. I did not get that they were attracted to each other AT ALL. The attraction chemistry was for sure not there. That was a bummer because at the end when they get together, I felt zero happiness. Nothing throughout the movie made me wish they got together. I honestly think they should have just kept him as a friend and left the romance out of this movie. If that were the case I would have liked this movie a lot more.

The ones who actually stole the movie for me where the friends Piper and Austin have that run a coffee shop they both like to frequent. Now they were fantastic! Loved it every time they were on screen. Kudos to those actors who I thought stole the show from the two main actors.

Overall, it was a good movie about finding what you want to do in life and that you will have to do jobs that you are not fond of to find your way.

Side note. I know this movie takes place in New York, but I must say, it all looked super fake. If it really did film in New York then I feel they did not do this justice.

Another side note. I wish the character Piper was named Autumn. That would have been a fun play on the title of the movie.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Piper leaves her family business to go to New York to pursue a different career path and she loves to draw as a hobby. Austin’s mom, Patricia who is a famous journalist, tells him that he needs a job and not focus on writing because she is being recognized and his jobless situation will come up.

Piper gets with a temp agency and they get her a job as a fashion assistant. She is tasked with getting the drinks. She hails a taxi cab, but Austin steals it from under her. She is then late to the fashion show and spills the drinks on a dress.

In the apartment Piper is sub letting, she runs into Austin and finds out he is her neighbor. Piper finds a coffee shop that Austin frequents. The two coffee owners and Piper tell him that he needs to carve his own path and not do what his mom says.

There is a montage of Piper having different jobs and Austin not doing that well at his journalism job. The montage also shows Piper and Austin having a little playful back and forth with “stop and smell the roses”.

Piper and Austin both keep underperforming at work and they both lose their jobs. They lose them because their heart is not in to what they are doing. They both continue to hang out and they start to inspire each other. Austin finally submits his book for review and Piper gets a job in an art gallery.

Austin’s book gets accepted and he would like to use Piper as his illustrator. They tell him no and he breaks the news to Piper. She is sad and decides to leave New York because she has not made it and her deadline was her 30th birthday. Piper talks to Austin’s mom and she tells her to fight for herself. Piper makes her way to the publisher and fights for her right to illustrate Austin’s book.

Piper reveals to Austin that they have accepted her and they get together.

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