“Digimon: The Movie” Movie Review

📸: 20th Century Fox

I give this movie 9 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Throughout three different stories, Kari and her friends take on adventures with their Digital Creature friends.

🟢 Cast 🟢

Lara Jill Miller – Kari

Joshua Seth – Tai

Colleen O’Shaughnessey – Sora

Mona Marshall – Izzy

Michael Reisz – Matt

Wendee Lee / Doug Erholtz – T.K.

Brian Donovan – Davis

Bob Glouberman – Willis

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

When I watched this movie as a kid it was the freaking best! It was the best because I LOVED the TV show. I will admit. I was more of a fan of Digimon than I was Pokemon. I liked it because it was more adult and there were romances. Watching this movie now, I am pleased to say it still hits the same way.

It is also visually beautiful. Well at least I still think so. It is a big step up from the TV show. Even though they got more money for the movie, I do like that they kept the animation the same. Don’t get me wrong. They did polish the animation A LOT, but they kept the drawings the same.

If you were a fan of the show and have not this movie then you NEED to. Now, I am not sure where you can watch. I don’t think it is on any streaming service. But, you can always just buy the DVD and watch it. It is worth your while. I will admit. There are things that are not fully flushed out, but that is because this is made for the fans. So they do not give any back story the characters. Anyone new coming in will for sure be confused.

To this day I think all of the actors they picked for this movie/show is amazing. They all do such a wonderful job at bringing these characters to life. As well as connecting with their inner teenager. Because of this all of the characters are believable and you feel for them. Even the actors who do the voices for the Digimon are awesome.

People, the Digimon music will always be iconic to me. It is right up their with Power Rangers and Yu-Gi-Oh. It remains iconic to me because this was part of my childhood. To me the theme song hits so hard. Even though it repeats its name, I still think it fantastic.

I am pleased to say that this movie has some pretty great comedy bits to it. It always comes at random too, so you don’t expect it. Yes this movie is not laugh out loud funny, but it is still enjoyable to watch.

Overall, I am sure there are things wrong with this movie, but I am super biased because this movie is nostalgic for me. It brings me so much joy when I watch it.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

This movie is broken up into 3 stories. . .

Story 1

Tai and Kari find in their house a Digi Egg comes out of their computer. On the computer the egg hatches and then Digivolves (evolves) into Agumon (baby looking T-Rex). Kari rides on Agumon’s back and they take a stroll at night. Tai notices and runs after them. Agumon sees another Digi egg hatching in the sky. When it does, Parrotmon (looks like a Parrot) comes out. Parrotmon attacks Tai and Kari. To protect them Agumon digivolves into Greymon (T-Rex inspired). He is able to defeat Parrotmon, but they both used so much power they both were destroyed. Those who witnessed this battle would later become the DigiDestined.

Story 2

A Digi egg appears on the internet for the world to see and then it hatches into Infermon (spider looking). It starts to eat the data from the internet and the internet starts to glitch out all over the world. Tai and Izzy both get a message from a guy named Gennai as well as a kid named Willis. They tell Izzy and Tai they need to use their Digimon and find a way to slow down the internet eating Digimon. Tai sends Agumon and Izzy sends Tentamon (bug looking creature). Agu and Tent are unable to beat Infermon. Tai reaches out to Matt and T.K for help. So, Pattoman (pig looking thing with ears) and Gabumon (seal looking mixed with dog) enter the battlefield inside the internet and beat Infermon. They think they beat him, but he digivolves into Diaboromon (vampire looking monster) and duplicates himself.

Diaboromon continues to infect the internet and because of this, nuclear missiles launch and heaed for Colorado and where the DigiDestined’s live. They have 10 minutes before inpact. Agu and Gabu digivolve into War Greymon and Metal Garurumon (looks like a husky) but they still can beat Diaboro. In desperation to help them, Matt and Tai get sucked into their computers. With this act, Grey and Garu digivolve into one Digimon called Omnimon (looks like a warrior). During this whole battle Izzy and Tai were getting emails from all over the world wishing them luck and realizes this is what has been dragging their Digimon down. So Izzy finds a way to forward all of the emails they received to Diaboro. This works and he is destroyed and the missiles are disabled. We learn Diaboro was created from a virus and he tracks down a boy named Willis and corrupts his Digimon called Kokomon (a little blob that turns into a bunny).

Story 3 (this continues from story 2)

T.K and Kari are in New York and they see a boy names Willis in a battle with his Digimon Terriermon (bunny looking) and Kokomon. Koko tells Willis to “go back”. Willis goes home to Colorado. T.K and Kari call another boy named Davis what happened. Davis tells Yolei and Cody to meet them in Colorado.

On the way to Colorado Davis, Yolei, and Cody run into Willis and Terrier. Willis tells them the the virus that infected Diaboro is the same one that infected Koko. When everyone finally gets together and gets ready to battle, Koko digivolves into Antylamon (bunny looking). Everyone’s Digimon cannot handle Antyl. Luckily T.K and Kari arrive to help them out. They are finally able to beat Antyl and this releases him free of the virus. After everyone leaves, Willis and Terrier find a Digi egg on the beach.

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