“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Movie Review

📸: Marvel Studios

I give this movie 9 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M’Baku, Okoye, and the Dora Milaje fight to protect their nation from interveining world powers in the wake of King T’Challa’s death. As the Wakandans strive to embrace their next chapter, the heroes must band together with the help of war dog Nakia and Everett Ross and forge a new path for the Kingdom of Wakanda.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Letitia Wright – Shuri

Lupita Nyong’o – Nakia

Danai Gurira – Okoye

Winston Duke – M’Baku

Angela Bassett – Ramonda

Tenoch Huerta – Namor

Martin Freeman – Everett Ross

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

What. A. Great. Movie! I enjoyed every minute of this movie. ALSO, I had NO idea it would hit me in the feels as much as it did. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that this was going to be an emotional movie because of Chadwick’s passing, but man oh man I didn’t think it would be like this.

It was such a HIGHLY emotional movie for sure. Just the opening sequence already had me in tears. You could tell the cast is actually grieving and not acting. Honestly at times is felt a little uncomfortable to watch because you could see them grieving. So it just felt like they should have taken the camera off of them. Even though it was uncomfortable, it was nice to see the whole cast come together and grieve with each other. In the end I feel Ryan and this beautiful cast captured all of the emotions everyone is going to feel while watching this movie.

Normally I do not comment on wardrobe, but PEOPLE! The wardrobe throughout this movie was beautiful! Every single article of clothing was well thought out. It all came together nicely. Everything was appealing to the eye and everyone’s outfit fit them perfectly. I really do hope this team wins awards. They did such a wonderful job and you can see the respect and care that went into each piece.

Ok. So Namor. This was such an awesome introduction to a brand new character in the MCU. Tenoch Huerta is FANTASTIC. He does such an amazing job at delivering his lines. He does a really great job at reeling you in with the story of his character, but while also delivering threats at the same time. It is like he makes you comfortable while sitting on a pile of needles. (I know that does not make total sense, but I feel like it does make sense at the same time). Anyway, not only do I love Tenoch’s acting, but I also love that we got his backstory late in the movie. It made him more mysterious.

Even though this movie was great as it is, it does make me wonder what Ryan Coogler’s original script was. They say that he was done with it and ready to turn it in. But then of course as we know that tragedy struck. So he had to re-write the movie. So I just wonder what changed and what stayed. I do like though that in this movie they focus a lot on the world and how they see Wakanda. As we know in the first movie T’Challa wanted to share what they have with the world, but in this movie we see what happens because of that decision. I am also a fan of the character growth we saw and how each of them are where they are now.

Side note. The underwater scenes. The underwater scenes were great! You can totally tell they filmed these scenes in real water.

Another side note. Let me take a moment and pay some respect to Ludwig Goransson. Ludwig is simply fantastic. What a wonderful composer. He has done such amazing work. With his music is what really hits home for all the emotions I felt. His music along with great acting was simply perfect.

Overall, this movie was very respectful towards Chadwick and the rest of the cast. It was beautiful. Also, I am all for the representation they show on the big screen. Finally, everyone is just as badass as the first one.

🟢 Namor 🟢

He is also known as a Sub-Mariner, he is a mutant, and he is a the son of a Sea Captain who is human, and a princess from Atlantis. Namor’s power is super human strength, breath under water, and fly. Comics call Namor more of an anti-hero than hero. He is short tempered, but he has been part of Avengers, X-Men, Illuminati, and Fantastic Four.

🟢 Riri Williams 🟢

She is also known as Iron Heart. Riri is a genius and goes to MIT. In her free time she creates a suit of armor that is very similar to Iron Man. After she creates a suit, she helps Tony Stark and Captain Marvel during Civil War. Tony gets badly injured and gets in a coma. This is when she takes the name Iron Heart.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

T’Challa is dying of an illness and Shuri is trying to save his life. She tries to recreate the heart shaped herb. Before she can recreate the herb, T’Challa dies.

This whole sequence got me in the feels real good. I was secretly crying to myself in the theater.

One year later, Wakanda meets with the heads of all the other nations to talk about Vibranium. Queen Ramonda sends the Dora Milaje to a secret place because there is a team there trying to steal Vibranium.

In the Atlantic Ocean, the CIA and US Navy Seals have a Vibranium detecting machine underwater. While they are trying to take it, they are attacked by blue skinned people. All of these people can breath underwater and they have voices like sirens. The CIA believes these were the Wakandan people. Later, Ramonda and Shuri are visited by the leader of the blue people, Namor. He tells them that Wakanda needs to be on their side when it comes to keeping Vibranium from everyone else. He wants them to deliver to him the person who created the Vibranium detecting machine so he can kill them.

Okoye and Shuri meet with Everett Ross and ask him questions about what happened in the ocean. They find out that a student from MIT, Riri Williams, is the one who created the Vibranium detecting machine. They try to take Riri with them back to Wakanda to protect her from Namor. The FBI finds them and chases them. Namor’s warriors show up in the fight as well and they are able to defeat everyone and they take Shuri as prisoner. Okoye goes home and Ramonda strips her of her title as leader of the Dora Milaje. Ramonda then goes to look for Nakia. Everett’s ex wife, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, puts him under arrest for talking to the Wakandans.

Namor tells Shuri that Wakanda needs to join his mission in destroying everyone, but if they refuse then he will attack Wakanda. He also tells Shuri that his people, Aztec people, went into the ocean because people of white skin came in and tried to enslave and kill them. So Namor’s people prayed to their gods for help. They answered the call and gave them the ability to breath underwater. Namor was born, but he was born with a mutant gene. Nakia finds Shuri and helps her escape. Because of this, Namor then attacks Wakanda. In the attack, Namor drowns Ramonda, but at the same time Ramonda saves Riri. Namor tells them that he will return with full force. Shuri takes her people to where M’Baku lives.

Another reference to Mutants?! LOVE IT! I can’t wait for X-Men to show up in the MCU. 

I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY KILLED RAMONDA! I thought losing T’Challa was emotional as it is, but then to lose her too? My heart could not take it.

After Ramonda’s funeral, Shuri is able to recreate the heart shaped herb. She eats it and Nakia does the chant to their ancestors. Shuri meets with N’Jadaka/Kill Monger. He tells Shuri to seek revenge and that they are the same person. Getting ready for battle, Shuri gives Okoye a suit similar to Iron Man.

The Wakandans do their best to fight against Namor and his people. Shuri and Namor continue their fight on a different island and Shuri finally sees her mom. Shuri then bests Namor and spares his life. He agrees to the truce. Riri goes back to school but leaves the suit she created for battle, Okoye rescues Everette Ross, and Shuri plants more heart shaped herbs. Shuri goes to visit Nakia in Haiti, and while this is happening M’Baku shows up to the Black Panther ritual and wants to challenge for the throne.

Honestly, I WOULD NOT mind if M’Baku became Black Panther. I know Shuri has it, but still. I want M’Baku!

🔴 Mid Credit Scene 🔴

Nakia tells Shuri that she had a son with T’Challa, Toussaint. She raised him in secrecy, but Ramonda knew about him. She also tells Shuri that his Wakandan name is T’Challa.

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