Star Wars: Andor – Episode 1 Review

πŸ“Έ: Lucasfilm

🟒 Plot 🟒

Cassian Andor’s reckless search for answers about his past makes him a wanted man.

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

What a great first episode! I am liking this new direction Andor is heading. You can tell that this is going to be very different from what we have already seen in Star Wars. Rogue One was already like that, so I am glad they are continuing that same type of storytelling. AND, who doesn’t want to see more Diego Luna on screen? 😍

Rogue One is up there on my list of favorite Star Wars. So to see they are continuing the story is wonderful! Er, giving us a before look. Either way, I am happy! Based off what I saw I can tell this is going to be a slower paced telling of the Andor story, but I am ok with that. Game of Thrones was slow paced in the beginning as well, but then that picked up movement. Now let’s just hope Andor ends well 🀭

The sets look great amazing. Don’t get me wrong. I like the volume that Mandalorian and Boba Fett filmed in, but nothing beats a real movie set. The whole set looked like it would have been amazing to go walk through. I guess the similar feel would be like walking through Batuu in Disneyland? Eh, I think that may be a stretch on my part. But anyway, these sets are wonderful to look at and you can tell that everyone involved put their blood sweat and tears into making them. The wardrobe looked wonderful too! I have seen some photos of what Mon Mothma looks like and man her wardrobe looks beautiful!

Just from episode 1 I can already tell that this is going to be more of an adult Star Wars. To be honest, I am not mad. I like that it looks like it is going to be more mature. This side of Star Wars is one that I have been wanting to see because we don’t see the gritty side that the good guys had to go through. We always saw that they did no wrong.Β 

πŸ”΄ Summary Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

Plot Summary

5 years BBY (Before Battle of Yavin)

Cassian goes to a club on Morlani in search of his sister. The worker tells him that someone from Kenari used to work there, but left a while back. Cassian leaves the club, but is followed by two guards who were in that same club and they did not like the vibes Cassian was giving them. The guards catch up to him and Cassian attacks. He realizes one of them has died in the fight and the other guard tells Cassian he saw nothing. Cassian shoots him anyway.

Cassian heads to home planet, Ferrix. B2EMO, his family droid, is happy Cass is home. Cass tells Bee to not tell anyone that he has seen him. Cass heads over to his ex girlfriend’s, Bix, place so she can contact her secret buyer because he has something valuable to sell him. He needs to leave town since he killed two men. Bix puts in the call. Cass also visits his friend Brasso and tells him he needs help off of Ferrix. On Ferrix we see that Cass owes money to a guy names Nurchi, but Cass talks his way out of it.

In a flashback, a young Cass on Kenari and his fellow people, who are also young kids and young adults, see a Republic ship crash in the distance. A group of kids go to investigate and Cass tells his sister to stay behind.

Back on BLANK, Deputy Inspector Syril Karn is looking into the murder of the two guards, but his boss tells him to stop and writes a false statement. He does this so the Empire will leave them alone. Karn dismisses this and puts out an alert for a Kenari man.



I am already loving him more. He was my favorite in Rogue One and I am pleased to say that his character is even better in here. I love that he is a more harder version of Han Solo. Like with Han he had his soft sides. Ok, Cass has his soft side too, but I feel we are seeing a side of Han Solo that we wanted but didn’t get. Very similar to the Mandalorian. How Mando is what people thought how Boba Fett would be.


He is my favorite! He seriously reminded me a little of Wall-E. It is pretty amazing the emotions they have given to this droid. You can really feel when he is sad, happy, and annoyed. Like with R2D2 all he does is beep and boop, but we can still feel his emotions. But with Bee he actually talks and still beeps and boops. So you can really understand how he is feeling.

Bix and Brasso

I know we just met her, but I am already a fan. I hope she sticks around. I would love for her to get back with Cass and live happily ever after, but we all know where this leads in the end 😭

I already like Brasso too even though we just met him. He just seems like the type of guy who will always have your back no matter what. Honestly, Cass is going to need someone like this.


This place gave me HUGE Lord of the Flies vibes. Lord of the Flies vibes but without the children killing each other.

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