“Noel Next Door” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 6 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

A hard-working, single mom gets into a war of words with a neighbor who she feels is ruining Christmas, only to find that this misunderstood grouch just may steal her heart.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Natalie Hall – Noel

Corey Sevier – Jeremy

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

What a fun story this was. Even though you know where it was going, I did not care. I was enjoying every bit of it. The ONLY thing I did not enjoy was Noel’s kid. I was wishing that they didn’t write Noel with a kid. The writers could have just written it with a random kid in the neighborhood or make it Noel’s nephew. When it comes to kids I am biased because I am not the biggest fan of them in shows or movies. They can come off as super whiney and it gets old quick.

Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier I thought had wonderful chemistry together! Even though Jeremy is a complicated character I do like that he is able to open up to Noel. Corey played this character very well. You could see the range of emotions he was portraying for Jeremy. When Jeremy and Noel would get together on screen it was wonderful. Corey and Natalie make a great team and a believable couple. I hope Hallmark puts them together in another movie but with no kids this time.

My favorite thing about this movie is that Corey really gave it his all being a scrooge type character. Sadly for him it did not work all the time. It did not work for me because it felt a bit cheesy and you could tell Corey does not have it in him to be the way his character was. I di wish that he got into it a bit more. Like go for it man. You’re an actor, it is ok to play scrooge.

One major thing that I was not a fan of was Noel’s kid and how Noel just believed everything he said. Her son would go and bother Jeremy and Jeremy would ask him to stop but he wouldn’t. Then when he would raise his voice the kid would go running back to Noel. Then Noel would just believe that her kid could do no wrong. Now. I understand there are parents out there like, but COME ON!

Overall, this was a fun watch and I recommend watching it when it comes on.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Noel and her son Henry move into a new condo. Noel and her husband Greg got a divorce because he left her for another woman. Greg also calls and asks Noel if Henry can be with him and his fiance for Christmas so he can have a real one. Later on in the movie Greg confronts Noel and tells her that if she says no he will sue her for custody of Henry.

I do wish that Hallmark would have played into this angle a bit more because there are many people who have found themselves in this situation. So it would have been nice for them to have something they could truly connect with.

I am REALLY disliking this Greg guy. He should get punched.

Henry plays soccer and he went to their neighbors house, Jeremy, and started to kick the soccer ball at his wall. He asks Henry to stop, but he doesn’t. Jeremy is bothered by this because he is a music composer and he likes the quiet.

This made ZERO sense to me because how is there not a park or something in this condo complex? And like what makes Henry think this is ok?

Noel and Jeremy meet at the restaurant she works at as a waitress. They hit it off well and sparks fly between them. They start to hang out a bit more with each other and they are getting along really nicely, but they still don’t who each other is. Jeremy who has been closed off finally opens up to Noel and tells her that he had a stroke and the woman he loved left him because of it.

They have a run in at a local store and Noel is buying Tampons. I LOVED that they did this. I love that they made this something normal instead of something that has to be hidden. Like all women go through this EVERY MONTH.

Jeremy goes to pick up Noel for their date and Henry answers the door. Noel then finds out Jeremy is the neighbor who has been rude to Henry so she slams the door in his face. They are both hurting after the breakup because they both had strong feelings for each other. Back at home Jeremy drinks a bottle of Vodka after the fight he and Noel just had.

Seeing Jeremy act this way I was a big fan. Hallmark should show the ugly sides of a break up. Like drinking or eating ice cream. I am not saying that we need to see people getting black out drunk, but just more real human emotions is great to see.

Henry sees that his mom is sad and decides to make things right. He comes clean to his mom and tells her that he is the one who started it all by kicked his soccer at Jeremy’s house. Noel is upset by this news. Henry then goes over to Jeremy’s house to apologize and for him to get back with his mom.

Jeremy and Noel get back together and a year later the local orchestra plays the Christmas piece that Jeremy created.

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