“Star Wars The High Republic” – First Comic Issue Review

🟢The Magic People Behind the Comic🟢

Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Writer: Cavan Scott

Penciler: Ario Anindito

Colorist: Annalisa Leoni

🔴Little Spoilers🔴

Overall I thought this was a fantastic start to a new era of Star Wars!

I know this goes hand in hand with the novel Light of the Jedi by Charles Soul, but I have not picked it up yet. It is recommended to read the book first though 😅. I will get it soon!

Ok. So right off the bat I LOVE that the beginning of this issue it starts off with the scrolling intro like the movies do.

Now I won’t be doing one for every issue that releases, because that would be a bit much 🙃 BUT! If anything crazy happens then I will definitely do a review on those issues.

This comic revolves around a Padawan named Keeve. Kreeve is actually a pretty cool looking character. What is a crazy change too is that she curses! CURSES! I have never seen a Jedi curse before. There might be in the extended universe stuff, but I have not read any of those.

She is currently going through her Jedi trials. During her trials Keeve meets Kanri. Kanri spends his whole time asking Keeve many questions. I know this is a random thing I enjoyed, but I really enjoyed it because I know I would do the same thing. If I ever met a Jedi I would definitely be playing 20 questions with them. I would either do that or just stand back and admire from afar.

Her trials are interrupted by creatures whose migration patterns have been changed. In order to find out why Kreeve uses the Force. It was cool to see Keeve connecting to the force! The only time we really ever see this is when Anakin stops that beast from attacking him, and we see this with Ezra in Star Wars Rebels. So it was great to see the visuals of Keeve looking into the force to see what was wrong with the creatures. She finds out their migration have been interrupted because of the new Starlight Beacon. Starlight Beacon is the New Republic Space Station (this is going to be central for all other High Republic Stories).

After Kreeve saved those in need, her master Sskeer and another Jedi Kriss officially knighted her. Sskeer is a Jedi Master who is a Transhodan with one arm. After she is knighted they host a ceremony. At this ceremony Kreeve does not know how to act around everyone. What’s funny is that if I were her, I would be acting the same exact way. I would be so giddy!

We see Yoda for a quick scene, but man I LOVED it. I really do quite enjoy Yoda 😍 I am happy they will be including him in the High Republic series. I also like that he has is walking stick. So cute!

The end of the comic we see Sskeer drop to his knees and start yelling. I can tell he is full of rage and despair. In the beginning of the comic Kriss does say that he lost someone. So this has me thinking that since there have been yeeeaaaars without violence, so it makes sense that Sskeer is having a hard time handling someone he lost. If the Jedi have gone many years without suffering, I am sure that when they do lose someone it is not easy to handle.

Another thing I liked is that the Jedi have a slogan! Of course they have always said “May the Force be with you”, but they also said “FOR LIGHT AND LIFE”

So since the New Republic is expanding, it is expected to have bumps in the road. With this bump being so small, I know there will be way more bigger issues the New Republic will have to deal with as the Republic starts to venture out.

I can’t wait to see what this comic series has in store for us.

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