“Two For the Win”

📸: Hallmark Crown Media

I give this movie 3 out of 10 vomits


🟢Movie Plot: A world champion ski racer returns home and prepares for the biggest race of his life with the help of his former coach and friend.

🔴Some Spoilers🔴

The way our two lovers meet in this one is actually not that bad. Their banter back and forth isn’t the greatest. I felt that it was a bit stiff and awkward. Don’t get me wrong. I know if friends haven’t seen each other in a long time it will be a bit awkward, but this one it seemed so choppy. It wasn’t my favorite. Even when Kayla meets Justin’s manager isn’t the greatest. Again it feels unnatural.

I do like that Kayla and Justin are doing great in their own lives. Usually someone’s life is not going the way they want or someone is going to lose a business or house. The only thing that is a characters possible downfall is Justin’s knee isn’t up to par, but it is not an end game type of thing. Even though this movie is more of a comeback story, even that I don’t really see where that happened.

When the movie progresses to Kayla coaching Justin the movie did get better. It seemed a bit more natural chemistry between the two, but I still felt a disconnect. One thing I DID NOT like was when he was on the bunny slope all he did was pass that kid that fell. Like what the freaking heck? He should have at least given the kid tips. Anyway. The bond with Kayla and Justin was very much a coach and the student. I got nothing else from them. I felt no romance.

I do think that this movie can have done a lot better. Like I said before, it just didn’t have the right feel to it. I could not connect to this movie at all. Even the Rom Com aspect of the movie wasn’t there. No romance AND no comedy. So overall the movie to me was pretty blah.

During these type of movies I am ALWAYS rooting for the best friends to get together. It is so cute when they do! But with Kayla and Justin I don’t even get a friendship vibe. Let alone a best friend vibe and that’s what they call themselves.

The only one who I really enjoyed was the manager. She seemed the most real out of everyone. I LOVED when she was getting Justin’s attention and yelling through the window. I was laughing at that part. I laughed there and when Justin was riding the conveyor belt up to the bunny slope.

Well, so this movie at the end of the day was a let down. Nothing really happened. They did not have to overcome anything. There was hardly any romance. Nothing was that funny. Everything just seemed like it was pulling teeth for the people to attempt to have chemistry on screen.


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