WandaVision – Episode 3 – “Now in Color”

📸: Marvel Studios

🔴Spoiler Review🔴

I really enjoyed the Brady Bunch themed opening. It is so great how they are doing all of the opening. Even the inside of her house looks like The Brady Bunch house. So freaking creative!

WANDA TOOK OVER A TOWN! She took over a whole town! I honestly thought she as making it up herself. Yeah she is making up everything in the town, but I am starting to think she is taking these people hostage. A theory of mine is actually coming true. In my previous post of WandaVision I said that I think Wanda is in full control of what is going on around her. This moment of thinking comes out again when we see Vision glitch back a couple of seconds when Vision brings up suspicions he is having about the world they live in.

Dudes, it is crazy how fast Wanda’s pregnancy is coming along. I thought for sure it was going to be a 2 episode arch, but man was I wrong. I really didn’t think it would happen in just 1 episode. But I guess they do have to move somewhat fast since this is a limited series. It was funny to see her going through her contractions and pregnancy because something different would happen around them. The paintings were spinning, lights were flickering, and even rain inside the house. I enjoyed this because I do feel if you are that powerful of a human something like that would happen if you are going through a pregnancy 😂 Also, since she had her kids this episode we have learned that not only can Wanda reverse time, but she can also fast forward time.

The nursery scene was kind of scary to me. I know it was a cute scene with Vision and Wanda getting the baby room ready, but it turned a little creepy when you step back. When you step back you start to realize that Wanda made butterflies come to life. She made them come to life! And what is creepy is that Wanda has no idea that she was doing that. This happens again when she is having contractions. She makes the Stork come to life. It shows us that Wanda’s powers are growing and she is not aware of how powerful she is.

Then we see it again when Wanda is talking to Geraldine, aka Monica Rambeau. We see Monica wake up a bit from the reality when Wanda mentions her dead brother, Pietro. As soon as she says what happens, we see Monica wake up and she recalls what happened to Wanda’s brother and how he died. Then. . . THEN! At the end of the episode we see that Wanda has banished her from her reality because she knew too much of the truth. She knew the truth and she had a necklace that had the SWORD symbol on it! And like I said before, I believe this is Wanda’s way of dealing with her grief. Honestly as first I thought we were going to see Monica be turned into a doll for Tommy and Billy. But maybe that would have been a little too creepy?

When Geraldine/Monica was telling Wanda she knew about Pietro and Wanda said, “What did you say?”. I was like OHHH NOOOOOO! Get out Monica! GET OUT NOW!

What’s also crazy is that Agnes and Herb BOTH know what is happening! I am not sure how they can remember who they are, but others have no idea. Maybe Wanda has been resetting them a lot, so maybe their memories are coming back in pieces?

There are so many predictions that Wanda might bring back Pietro and she possibly could have brought back Vision. Like not in her head. I think she actually brought him back. They are both made from the Mind Stone. So we will see.

🟢One Funny Thing🟢

What I find funny was that they recreated this comic cover 😂 I LOVE it!

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Marvel Studios

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