“Wonder Woman 1984” – Movie Review

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I give this movie 4 out of 10 vomits


🔴Some Spoiler Review🔴

When I saw Wonder Woman I was so excited because I felt DC FINALLY had made a great movie! (Then Shazam came along). So when I saw Wonder Woman 1984 I was super bummed that this one did not live up to the hype of the first one.

This film to me, for lack of a better word, was pretty. . . messy. There was just so much going on and not enough back story on people

So I know people were worried about Kristen Wig playing Cheetah (I was too) but they were all wrong. She did a FANTASTIC job. I also thought Pedro Pascal did a great job playing Maxwell Lord, but I do feel they were a but underused. This is because the story focused so heavily on the love story between Diana and Steve. Barbara and Maxwell’s stories were not developed enough because of the love story. They really could of had the love story and still focus on Barbara and Maxwell if they only flushed out the story more.

If it were me who were writing the movie I would have focused only on Cheetah. Yes I like Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and I did enjoy Pedro, but at the end of the day I do feel it was all too much. They should have focused on only one villain so they could perfect the movie.

The fighting in this movie had me all kinds of bummed. We have seen great fighting before in DC movies. Honestly just movies in general have had amazing fighting. So I do not know why this one fell flat. I really don’t. There is so much content to pick from it makes me wonder why they didn’t use anything. I know they compete with Marvel, but look at their movies. To me it is ok to use them as a reference. It’s perfectly fine to learn from other movies that are doing similar scenes that you are trying to accomplish. Man, and the ending fight it all led up to was SUCH A LETDOWN! I truly felt it underdelivered. When we see Diana in her golden armor I was super hyped for it! Then. It all fell flat.

One thing I could not wrap my head around was how much Diana could not move on from Steve’s death. Don’t get me wrong. I know people deal with grief differently, but Wonder Woman is a strong independent woman. I truly believe she would have come to grips with his death after so many years. Especially since he was saving people’s lives.

Ok. So the whole running of Gal Gadot looks so freaking fake! Don’t get me wrong, I am no expert on visual effects, but to me it looked like she was running on a treadmill. It just looked so bad. What’s awful is that the whole movie was like this. The whole movie! No offense to TV shows or TV movies, but this looked like it would have been on there. The mall scene to me was also a bit awkward. It seemed oddly shot. We didn’t get to really see Diana fighting and the whole thing was odd. I honestly can’t get my thoughts straight about it because it was all so bad.

Another thing I could not stand was all the slow motion. SO MUCH SLOW MO. TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH I TELL YA! I could not stand it. It was so awful to see every fighting scene be slow mo. EVERYTHING was slow mo! 😑

What I was also bummed about was that there was no killer soundtrack for the movie. I thought for sure it was going to take a page out of Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought this because of the way they were advertising the movie and all the colors that were being used. All you have to do is Google 80s Songs and a whole list of BA songs pops up. I LOVE Hans Zimmer. LOVE that guy! But setting a movie in the 80s and NOT play BA songs is just a sad, sad thing to do.

Also, I am not a fan that they do not explain things in this movie. Like how can Diana all of a sudden use her lasso to swing on lighting? And how can she make her jet disappear? or fly? I know, I know these things are in the comic books (not sure about the lightning swinging), but they don’t show them in the Justice League movie or the Batman V Superman one. So why give her these abilities, but NEVER show them in the other movies?

To me I feel there is zero consistency between all the movies. It makes me sad because I LOVE DC characters. So it is frustrating to see people make these movies with no love and take zero care of these precious characters. I hate to say it, but they need to be more like Marvel. Yes Marvel isn’t 100% perfect on all of their movies, but they are having a hell of a ride. And that is because they all talk to each other. They have a main storyline that all the movies are leading up to. Not each movie is it’s own thing with it’s own rules. So I wish DC would take a step back and create a main story. They have SO MUCH content they could do. That’s what the comic books are for.

What I did enjoy out of the whole movie was how colorful it was. I LOVED that we got to see Diana’s outfit in bright colors. Very different from the first movie where it all looked a little faded. Which is totally fine! I know war movies tend to have that color tone.

I give this movie 4 out of 10 vomits. It pains me to say that because I thoroughly enjoyed the first Wonder Woman.

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