WandaVision – Episode 6 Review – “All New Halloween Spooktacular”

πŸ“Έ: Marvel Studios / Lionsgate / FOX

Hey WandaVision fans!

Another episode has come and gone. You know what this means. . . Easter eggs upon Easter eggs.

I know I keep saying this, but this show is so dang freaking good! I am so sad that there are only 3 episodes left 😭

πŸ”΄ Spoilers πŸ”΄

🟒 Commercial 🟒

This was such a creepy commercial. The yogurt was red and it said to snack on magic. So this to me feels that Wanda is snacking on people to use her magic OR something is snacking on Wanda and making her weak. But overall I am not too sure because Wanda did tell us that she is feeling alone and the kid is all by himself on the island.

🟒 Darcy 🟒

Nooooooo! I am so scared for Darcy. I wonder if she will be ok in the Hex. I say this because everyone else they were showing became carnival workers. We were NOT shown what happened to Darcy. So I wonder if she will become a character like Monica did. Monica was not sent away because deep down I do think Wanda knew she was a good guy. Darcy is a good guy too. Hopefully Wanda leaves Darcy alone or let’s Darcy help her.

🟒 Everyone’s Costume 🟒

  • What I LOVED was that everyone’s Halloween costume are their actual costumes in the comics.
  • Also, did anyone catch that Pietro’s Halloween costume as a kid look like Nick Fury πŸ˜‚ Wanda and Pietro Costumes

🟒 Hayward 🟒

  • We need to be on the lookout with this guy. This dude is tracking Vision. TRACKING HIM! I really do think he is doing this because he is trying to create sentinels. There are sentinels in the comics that are created and their whole purpose is to kill mutants (X-Men characters).Β 
  • ALSO, in the animated TV show, Avengers Assemble, Ultron comes back and he disguises himself as a government agent.Β 

🟒 Herb 🟒

Him asking Wanda if she wanted anything changed about Vision lying to her just goes to show her grip on her reality is slipping. This is something to think about because in the comics when Wanda stops focusing on her children they do disappear. So is shows that Wanda needs to keep using a crap ton of power to keep everything running.

🟒 Kick-Ass 🟒Kick Ass Movie

I laughed so hard when this reference happened! Evan Peters, who is playing Quicksilver, was in the movieΒ Kick-Ass. Aaron Taylor Johnson was also inΒ Kick-Ass. What’s funny is that they have both played Quicksilver. Aaron was Quicksilver in the Marvel movies, and Evan was Quicksilver in the X-Men movies.

🟒 Monica and Jimmy 🟒

  • I LOVED that they teamed up and started to beat people up. I love that even though Jimmy is a comedic character, he can still get down and fight.
  • So Darcy found Monica’s cells are changing because she went into and came out of the Hex. My theory of Monica turning into Spectrum looks like it is coming true! Eeeee I am so excited!

🟒 Neighborhood People 🟒

It was soooooo creepy when Vision got to the edge of town and people were frozen. They were all legit frozen, or they kept repeating a movement. I was freaked out when the the lady hanging the decoration shed a tear. Seeing this makes me feel that since they are more on the outskirts of town Wanda’s powers are not on full power. Since they not are on full power I do feel these people know exactly what is happening to them but they are stuck in their bodies. Either stuck or Wanda is draining them of their life force.

🟒 Opening Scene 🟒Wanda Malcom OpeningMalcolm in the Middle

This opening sequence it TOTALLY from “Malcolm in the Middle”. Even when Billy breaks the fourth wall is what they do in Malcolm. Frankie Muniz breaks the fourth wall all the time.

🟒 Pietro 🟒

I am still not able to get a grasp of what is happening with Pietro. He is such a huge question mark it kind of scares me πŸ˜…. He scares me because he is aware of what Wanda is doing. Now I don’t know if this is because he is her brother or because he is Mephisto. He also has different memories than the real Pietro that we know.

🟒 Shangri-La 🟒

In the Golden Age of comics they wrote about Shangri-La. In the comics it is talked about as paradise and Japanese operatives say it contains the secrets of life and death. What’s cool is that in these comics it is Vision who finds it.Β 

🟒 The Twins 🟒

These kids keep freaking me out. They now have powers. POWERS. What’s crazy is that Wanda’s kids are made from pieces of Mephisto’s soul. Mephisto is the Devil. So this is pretty weird too because Pietro tells Tommy to “unleash hell, demon spawn”. So I am having strong feelings that we will either get Mephisto here or in the new Doctor Strange Movie.

🟒 Theme Song Lyrics 🟒

Don’t try to fight the chaos / Don’t question what you’ve done / The game can try to play us / Don’t let it stop the fun / Some days it’s all confusion / Easy come and easy go / But if it’s all illusion / Sit back enjoy the show / Let’s keep it going / Let’s keep it going / Through each distorted day / Let’s keep it going / Though there may be no way of knowing / Who’s coming by to play

🟒 Vision 🟒

  • Ok. Ok. Ok. When he left the Hex I was like 😱😱😱. When he started to disintegrate it brought me back to the House of MΒ comics. In this comic the way people disappear was VERY similar to what was happening to Vision. I know when something comes back from the Hex it goes back to normal. I believe Vision did not turn back into a dead robot because he was still too close to the Hex. AND I feel that Wanda does still have some sort of control with him and making sure he is stuck to the Hex.
  • So, I truly believe Wanda no longer has control over Vision. Even if she resets something I do feel Vision will always find a way back to the truth.
  • When Agnes mentions to Vision that he is dead and tells him he is with the Avengers and he had no idea who they were I was like 🀯🀯🀯😱.Β 

🟒 Wanda 🟒

  • Since we have Pietro now we are getting deeper into Wanda’s emotions. Pietro asks her how he did all this and she easily tells him that all she remembers is her feeling she was alone. When that feeling got too much she created this world.
  • Ok people. Wanda’s powers are getting more powerful. I really think this has to do a little with her kids. I really do feel they are making her tap more into her powers. Billy all of a sudden gets powers and feels that there is something happening to Vision. Because of this Wanda stops time. SHE STOPPED TIME!! And she made her barrier bigger.
  • Another thing with Wanda that I am scared about is that she is pulling SO MUCH ENERGY. The thing is that with every action comes a reaction. I wonder when will this reaction happen. Will we see it in this show? Or will we see it in the next Doctor Strange movie since we know Wanda will be in the movie.

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