“Blown Away” – Season 2 Quick Review

🟒 Plot 🟒

Blown Away is a Canadian glassblowing reality competition show.

🟒 Non spoiler Review 🟒

Oh my goodness this show!! This show is simply fantastic! I won’t give away spoilers as to who won. For that you have to watch the show πŸ˜„ When I saw the first season I was immediately hooked! I LOVE to see the process of glass blowing. So when they announced the second season I was so happy.

I have always loved glass blown artwork, but I know it is not an appreciated art form as much as it should be. So I am super happy that Netflix has made another season of this show. I am truly hoping it will shine a bright light onto this beautiful artwork. After watching Blown Away I have mad respect for these glass blowers. Much more than before because on this show we actually get to see the whole process of how these items are made.

This review is a short one because I don’t want to give anything away. All I am going to say is go and watch this competition show!

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  1. This show is very interesting and intriguing on an art from that looks so fluid and effortless. They are very talented individuals that know their craft and are unique in their own way and they all have style in their creations. A must see for sure!!

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