“House of M” Comic Review and Summary

🟒 Creative People 🟒

Brian Michael Bendis – Author

Oliver Coipel – Illustrator

🟒 Comic Issue Numbers 🟒

House of M issues #1-8

🟒 Publisher and Publication Date 🟒

Marvel Comics / October 2011

🟒 Plot 🟒

The Avengers and the X-Men are faced with a common foe that becomes their greatest threat: Wanda Maximoff! The Scarlet Witch is out of control, and the fate of the entire world is in her hands. Starring the Astonishing X-Men and the New Avengers! You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: and nothing will ever be the same again? Well, this time believe it, buster! Nothing will ever be the same again!

🟒 Non Spoiler Review 🟒

Man this was such a GREAT comic! Such a great comic!! Since WandaVision is on Disney+ right now it really made me want to read this comic. More so because I know Marvel is very good at getting their inspiration from the comics. I appreciate that they do that. Respect the comics I say! (are you listening DC??). House of M is such an enjoyable read. It will really make you look at Wanda differently.

The writing and art is brilliant! Keeps you engaged and looking at every detail. Panels move smoothly and the word bubbles are placed perfectly. So they aren’t in the way of the beautiful art that Coipel did, and they were all easy to read. Some comics I have read it does not have a flow. House of M definitely has a flow. Coipel really makes the pages come to life. The detail Coipel puts in his work really lets you know how much he enjoys what he does.

I liked everything in this comic. It was extremely well done. There honestly was not much I disliked. Actually, the only thing I did not like was that some panels moved very quickly. Caught me off guard a little. Not too much where it ruins the story, but just enough to feel something was off. Me disliking this is honestly the smallest nit pick ever. And that’s only because this comic was amazing.

Overall, House of M is a wonderfully satisfying comic that I have read. I picked up this comic because of WandaVision, and man am I glad I did. I never got bored and I couldn’t put it down! This is definitely a must read comic (especially if you like action packed comics). So go get it or you will regret it!

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Summary by Issue πŸ”΄

Issue 1

The comic opens up with Wanda giving birth to twins. She has vision and her brother (Quicksilver/Pietro) by her side. All of a sudden Xavier comes in the room and tells Wanda to put it all back. He reminds her that she does not have any children and that the only people in the room are her and him. He tells her to stop abusing her mutant powers and that she is only hurting herself. Wanda does not want to put it back, so Xavier yells at her to put it back, and she starts to cry an awful cry. When Wanda puts it all back to normal she is still crying because the memory of her killing some of the Avengers and that she killed her husband (Vision).

Previously in Uncanny X-Men. . . Xavier went to Genosha with the intention to rebuild a mutant nation from it’s ashes.

Previously in Avengers. . . Scarlet Witch (Wanda) suffered a total nervous breakdown after losing control of her reality altering powers. In the chaos created around the breakdown, beloved Avengers Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Vision lost their lives. Many of the other Avengers were hurt, both emotionally and physically.

Avengers and Uncanny X-Men was six months ago.

Magneto is talking to Xavier asking him how is it going with Wanda. Xavier says that every time Wanda uses her powers she is losing grasp of her own reality. Magneto blames himself because he has burdened his kids (Quicksilver and Scarlet) with his war against humans and he still lost in the end.

In NYC Carol (Captain Marvel), Sam (Falcon), and Simon (Wonder Man) are walking into the new Avengers Mansion/Tower. On top of the tower a jet lands and out comes Logan (Wolverine), Scott (Cyclops), Hank (Beast), Kitty, Emma, and. When Loogan and the X-Men walk into a huge room they are greeted by Xavier and the Avengers. Xavier tells everyone that they need to decide what they are going to do with Wanda.

Back in Genosha Wanda is sleeping and Pietro is by her side. Magneto sees him and Pietro tells him that everyone has gathered together to kill Wanda. He is mad at Magneto because he does not want to stop them from killing Wanda. . . Magneto starts to cry becasue he does not know what else to do. He does not know how to help Wanda.

During the meeting everyone is either torn of killing her and not killing her. Captain America says he believes that there is another way to handle Wanda. Emma asks Xavier and Doctor Strange if there is anything they can do since Xavier is a powerful psychic and Doctor Strange is strong in the arts of magic. Captain America says that since Wanda is an Avenger they so no to killing her. Emma says the X-Men will deal with it because they deal with mutant matters. They still do not know what to do, but they all agree to head to Genosha. Genosha is a island that is all in ruin.

When they land they head into Wanda’s room only to find out that she is gone. Xavier tells everyone that he can’t feel Wanda at all. Then all of a sudden Xavier vanished. Emma says she feels something and leads everyone to another building. Spider-Man says his spidey senses are tingling and he senses danger. Then a HUGE bright light shines in his face then he finds himself laying in his bed with Mary Jane yelling out to him saying it is his turn and he hears crying.

Issue 2

In the Bronx, we see an old man come out of his house and it happens to be Steve Rogers (Captain America).

Hartford, Connecticut, we see Summers and Emma are a couple.

Los Angeles, we see Simon Williams (Wonder Man) on a talk show. The talk show host wants to know if he and Carol (Captain Marvel) are a couple. Carol is the most popular super hero in America.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Kitty is a teacher and she is teaching nothing but mutants.

Hells Kitchen, New York, we see Luke Cage running a bar when Detective Sam (Falcon) walks in. Sam is there because on TV it was reported that Fisk was whacked into a coma. Luke of course denies it, but not directly. Luke asks Sam how it feels to be a poster boy for the sapiens. It changes to Dr. Strange and we see that he is a Psychologist.

Russia, we see Colossus as a farmer.

Chicago, Henry Pym wants to find a way to isolate the mutant gene. Hank tells him that is a racist idea and Tony Stark will not go for it.

Paris, France, Storm is shopping for a dress because she is going to go visit the House of Magnus. The seamstress says she knows how big of a deal it is that Storm is going to the royal families event, so if she doesn’t like any of the dresses she can make something from Wakandan fabric.

We jump to visions that Logan (Wolverine) is having. He then finds himself in bed with Mystique. In a panic Logan runs out to the top of an aircraft.

Issue 3

Logan keeps having visions of past things he has done or what has happened in his life. He remembers EVERYTHING that has ever happened to him. He starts to ask Mystique what happened to Xavier and Genosha. Mystique then asks if something happened to Lord Magnus. Logan then jumps off the aircraft  and sees that the Avengers and Mutants are LOVED by humans. To the point where they are worshiped. Logan then heads to Westchester County and goes to the Xavier Institution for the Gifted. . . Well at least that’s what he thinks it is.  He is till on his search for Xavier when more familiar mutants pop up and try to stop him because they want to know what’s wrong and they want to bring him in. While he is running the cloak appears out of now where and takes Logan to Luke cage and Hawkeye.

Issue 4

We get to see Genosha and it is VERY different from the first issue. There is a huge castle called Magnus Castle, and this is where Magneto lives.

We head back to Hawkeye having an arrow pointed straight at Logan. Logan keeps saying Luke Cage’s name and he is confused at how he knows him. Hawkeye then shoots his arrow at Logan’s neck because there is a tracker in his neck. All of a sudden these huge robots break in and are looking for all the sapien targets. Then the Cloak appears and saves as many as he could. Everyone wonders what Logan is all about so Logan tells them everything even though he knows they wont believe him. Hawkeye then tells Logan that they know about Magneto’s kids, Pietro, Lorna, and Wanda (the human child). Logan tells them that Wanda is NO human.

Cage tells Logan he believes everything because a little girl, Layla, came up to him the day before saying the EXACT same thing Logan was. He also said that Layla opened his mind and he could see what the real world was like. Logan keeps talking out loud that he has never been able to remember anything in his life because he has been mind wiped dozens of time so he never truly knows the truth. But this time he remembered everything because that is all he has ever wanted. . . was to remember. So his theory is that Wanda made this reality world and gave everyone their deepest desire.

The Cloak takes them to Scott’s house. Logan wants Layla to show Emma the truth about the world they are living in. Then we get a sequence of visions that open up Emma’s mind and she realizes they are living in a dream world. She now knows the truth too.

Issue 5

Emma talks to Layla and tells her that she is a very special girl and she needs to help them save the world. Scott finally walks in and Layla shows him the truth like she did Emma. Then they all head to Peter Parker. Peter is having a hard time because in this reality he is married to Gwen Stacy and he has his uncle Ben. As we all know Gwen and Ben have both passed away. Next up Layla reveals the truth to Kitty, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Tony Stark, and Dare Devil. The head over to Captain America, but since in this reality he was never stuck in a block of ice he is 100 years old. So they all choose to leave him alone. All of a sudden they all get attacked because Hawkeye led other mutants to them. Everyone gets into a fight then Layla uses her powers and opens everyone’s mind. Everyone is in agreement that they need to find Xavier.

It pans over to Genosha. Lorna, Magneto’s daughter tells him that Victor Von Doom and the rest of his guests are going to be arriving soon. We see Magneto head over to a memorial and we see the name on it says “Xavier Memorial Garden”.

Issue 6

Everyone is on a helicarrier and Emma takes it over using her psychic powers. They are headed for Genosha. Back in Genosha Von Doom has arrived to meet Magento (Magnus). Everyone is talking about what to do when they get there. They are still torn at what they should do, but it looks like more of the majority is ready to kill Magento and Wanda. While they are still forming a plan, royals start to arrive on Genosha. We see T’Challa, Von Doom, Genis-Vell from Kree Empire, Ororo (Storm) from Kenya, and King Namor from Atlantis. After they arrive they announce the House of Magnus and everyone bows.

One of the sapien hunting robots comes out from the sky. After Magento stops the robot a full at brawl starts. Emma and Layla with Cloak head to find Xavier. They all find out that Xavier is dead. Cloak tells Emma and Layla that it is not over yet because he does not see a coffin or dirt, there is nothing there.

Issue 7

All out fighting does not stop. Lorna tells Pietro to get Wanda out of the castle, but Pietro says he can’t. The image shows Wanda starting to somewhat disintegrate. Dr. Strange sees a bright redish light from the corner of his eye. He goes into the room and we see Wanda playing with her children. Strange tells her that he thought she died because she disappeared. Wanda tells him that is just a projection she creates for Magneto. Strange tells her that she brought them all to Genosha and that she created Layla. Wanda says she has no idea who that is. You can see that Wanda is not all there.

She does tell Strange that she created all this to make everyone happy. That “He” told her everyone would be happy. It flashes back to before the fake reality and we see Pietro and Wanda talking. Pietro is the one who tells Wanda everyone can be happy. Wanda tells him that she would not be able to control a new world. He tells her to use Xavier’s powers and hers to make a new world. Pietro tells her if she does not do this she will be killed.

All of a sudden we see Wanda on the floor with an arrow in her back. At this same time Magento finds Emma and Layla. Layla then opens Magneto’s mind. The arrow disappears and Hawkeye starts yelling at Wanda asking why would she kill him. Wanda’s son begins to yell then we see Hawkeye disappear. Wanda admits to not being able to fully control everything.

Pietro then goes around fighting as many people as he can. Then Magneto starts to go after him saying how dare Pietro do everything in his name. Magento starts to attack Pietro with huge pieces of steel. He kills Pietro. Wanda feels this, comes down to the battlefield and revives Pietro. Wanda starts to fall apart and say that Magneto picked the mutants over her and Pietro. She starts to say, “No more mutants”. Then a HUGE bright light appears.

Issue 8

The world seems like it went back to normal. Layla woke up back in her house and Peter Parker is back married to Mary Jane. The Avengers all get together to discuss what just happened. Dr. Strange walks in and he looks really bad. He looks beat up and clothes are torn. He is mad at himself for not being able to protect everyone. He also cannot feel Wanda or Xavier.

It jumps to Xavier’s school for the gifted and we Emma is in the grass in front of the school. She runs into the school and starts to find out that the students have lost their mutant abilities. They get scared because of the metal in Logan’s body. We see that Kurt (Nightcrawler) still has his abilities. He goes and finds Logan in the grass as well. Logan remembers everything and he still has the metal in his body. Emma then goes to cerebro to see how many mutants have been left because she remembers Wanda saying, “No more mutants”. When she turns on cerebro she cries because there really are no more mutants in the world. She begins to wonder if Wanda deleted the mutant gene or if she suppressed the gene. She also cannot find Wanda or Xavier.

Back with the Avengers they go to the ruins of Avengers Mansion and they see Hawkeyes uniform with arrows around it. There is also a newspaper on the wall that says that Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Vision have all died on an Avengers mission. Dr. Strange says that he thinks everyone who was at the battle will be the only ones who remember everything because of Emma and everyone being in her bubble.

X-Men go over to Genosha to look for Magneto. They do find him. They find him powerless. The X-Men question him about his kids, but he does not know where they went.

All over the news it is being reported that mutants are losing their powers. Hank Pym goes on the air saying that every action has an equal reaction. So his question is when this reaction will happen. While he is talking we see Wanda at a farmer’s market.

The last image is of Earth and half of the planet is covered in a black mass.

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