WandaVision – “The Series Finale” – Episode 9 Review

📸: Marvel Studios

Hey WandaVision fans!

That’s it everyone. . . Just like that WandaVision is over 😭 Now we wait for Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Overall, I am beyond happy with this show! It was wonderful to watch and I am sad it is over. It was fantastic and I am actually glad that it was a TV show rather than a movie. It was a great show about dealing with grief.

The way they created Wanda’s character was honestly amazing. I love that she did not need someone to come and save her. She was able to hold her own.

Also, I am IN LOVE with Wanda’s new costume.

Alright. Let’s get into the last episode. . .

🔴 Spoilers 🔴

🟢 Agatha 🟢

Agatha, Agatha, Agatha. . . Man oh man. Kathryn Hahn was AMAZING as Agatha! 

Honestly, I do not think this is the last we have seen of Agatha. Especially because of the conversation Wanda and her have. Wanda tells her that if she needs her she knows where to find her. Then Agatha tells her, “Not if I see you first”. So I think even though Wanda put Agatha back as a nosy neighbor, Agatha still has a small part of her that knows what has happened. 

With Agatha having the Darkhold it makes me wonder if she has more books. Also, I do think Agatha has underestimated the power Wanda has. Wanda quickly learned how to do the rune spell that Agatha casted that prevented Wanda from using her magic. Wanda is a quick learner because she is running on emotions.

One thing I did find funny was when Wanda hit Agatha with a car then we saw there were boots under the car. It reminded me of The Wizard of Oz when the house falls on the wicked witch.

🟢 Darkhold 🟢

Darkhold Agents

Darkhold wandaVision

Marvel has changed the look of the book! No wonder we could not definitely say it was the Darkhold that Agatha has. The way it looked in Agents of Shield is different. It said Darkhold on the actual book 😂

In the Doctor Strange movie Strange sees that there is a book missing in the library where he is learning magic. I am starting to think that the Darkhold book is the one that is missing. It would be another cool tie in for Wanda to be in Strange.

What’s crazy with this book is that it corrupts the person who reads it over time. At first they become possessive, but then the person who has it becomes so obsessive over it that they don’t even want people to touch the book. 

Since we see Wanda reading the book it made me gasp because with everything she is starting to learn it could be problematic. Like Agatha said, Wanda is more powerful than the sorcerer supreme. So to me this is definitely where Wanda will fit right into the Strange movie. 

Also, in the book we quickly see two pages when Agatha brings it out when she is by the billboard. On the left side you can see multiple circles overlapping so maybe this is the multiverse? And on the right side it shows a photo of what Wanda’s costume looks like. It also shows these snake things coming out of the headpiece which reminds a little bit of Medusa.

You know, Marvel is going to be making a Blade movie and the Darkhold fits perfectly there because the Darkhold is why there are vampire’s in the world.

🟢 House of M 🟢

House of M Artwork

When Vision and the kids were disappearing it was such an awesome nod to the amazing artwork that is in House of M comic book. Even the way Wanda’s magic is shown reminds me of House of M. If you haven’t read House of M then you really need to or you can check it out here House of M Comic Review and Summary.

🟢 Monica 🟢

With Monica I kind of wish that she had a bigger role in this show, but then I do understand that this is a show all about Wanda. So it makes sense that she does not have a bigger role, but it still would have been cool. She will get her shine in Captain Marvel 2

At the end we see Monica talking to a Skrull and the Skrull tells her that “He wants to meet with you” then she points upwards. If you remember at the end of Spiderman Far From Home we see Nick Fury on a spaceship with other Skrull’s. So I firmly believe she is going to meet Fury. 

🟢 Pietro 🟢

We FINALLY find out who Ralph is! If you don’t remember, Agatha kept telling everyone that she had a husband named Ralph. And now we finally meet him! But obviously he is not her husband. Now we know that Agatha was just controlling him making Wanda, and us, think that it was her brother.

In Ralph’s man cave we do have an Easter egg. Well I think it is. In Days of Future Past, he has a very similar man cave. Also, Tommy does something similar to what Pietro does in that same movie. There is a scene where he runs fast and takes a military hat, and that is what Tommy does.

Even though this Pietro was not a connection to X-Men like I thought it might be, but I am perfectly fine with that. Now we will have to wait, but I am excited to see how Marvel connects mutants to the MCU.

🟢 Vision 🟢

All the scenes with the two Visions always had me holding my breath. It was intense to see them both together. Seeing the original Vision and the Vision that Wanda made. When they were talking to each other discussing who is the real Vision and then we see white Visions blue headpiece turn yellow I was like “Ohhhhhh snap! He’s back! He has all the memories now!”.

After our Vision gives new Vision all the memories, new Vision leaves. Now that new Vision is out there, it makes me wonder what Marvel’s plan is for him. I can’t wait to see where his story goes.

You know what I realized? This is now the 3rd time Wanda has seen Vision die 😥 When we see Vision cry before he dies, he cries. This is a nod to the comic Avengers 58 because in this comic Vision cries. 

🟢 Wanda / Scarlet Witch 🟢

Strange Astral Plane

Wanda Astral Plane

I thought it was crazy to see Wanda read the Darkhold from her astral plane form. This is the exact thing Strange did when he wanted to learn everything about magic.

Man. I have an uneasy feeling that we may have just seen Wanda’s villain origin story. I REALLY hope I am wrong, but knowing about the Darkhold and that it is full of chaos magic, it makes me think Wanda is gonna go down a dark path. Hopefully Doctor Strange can help her before she goes off the deep end. But seeing that ending scene with her now knowing how to astral plane like Strange does, makes me feel uneasy. And it scares me that Wanda is fully embracing her title as the Scarlet Witch, even though she has no idea what that means. Like Agatha said, Wanda is more powerful than the sorcerer supreme and her destiny is to destroy the world.

Like I said in the beginning of this, I deeply love that Marvel wrote Wanda’s character to be able to take care of herself in the end. What I mean is, is Wanda does not need to be saved by others. She was able to handle herself in the battle with Agatha. 

Side note. . . Was it just me or did it look like Wanda has Dumbledore hands when Agatha is taking Wanda’s magic?

Dumbledore Hands📸: Warner Bros. Pictures

At the end of this we see Wanda hears her kids and it sounds they are in trouble. So I wonder if she is hearing kids from a different dimension or they are trapped somewhere else. When they come back, I am sure they will, they could definitely be aged to teens and then they can star in a Young Avengers film if they every do one. Young Avengers is a team of kids whose parents are the wondaful super heroes we know and love.

One unanswered question I have is where did Wanda keep all of the kids? And if she kept them all locked up why did she do that? If I missed it, then that is on me, but I truly feel we did not get that answered. Aaaaaand what happened to the bee keeper? 🤨

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