“Nature of Love” – Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 5 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

City girl Katie, who us supposed to write a magazine feature on a glamping resort, faces her fears by trying the camp’s activities with a rugged outdoorsman and nature guide.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Emilie Ullerup – Katie

Christopher Russell – Will

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I MUST go camping like this! Oh my freaking goodness. This place was beautiful! And the camp resort was amazing. I really wish this were a real place. I would visit in a heartbeat.

The Meeting of Our Future Couple

I WAS NOT a fan of how they met. So Katie is being driven to her campsite and on their drive in the cart  they see a guy riding a horse coming their way. Katie was SUPER terrified that he was coming their way and she thought he was going to run into them. Like really??? I am sure the guy on the horse is not going to run into a golf cart on purpose 🙄


The story was not very interesting. I know Hallmark does recycle plot lines, but this one was very flat. Everything really seemed underdeveloped. The story and the characters were flat and not flushed out. It bummed me out to see this because I care for Hallmark movies, so it would have been nice if these writers would have cared too. A very uneventful and unauthentic script, but beautiful location.


Once in a while I could see the chemistry between the two leads, but overall it was pretty blah. Christopher’s character did nothing but stare and it looked like he was modeling. Come on Hallmark, he can do more than just be a pretty face. It really seemed like both actors were just reading the romance lines. Nothing felt real. It was kind of emotionless to me. Zero chemistry.

Likes and Dislikes

I did not like how hesitant Katie was to do outdoor activities. I know she is a city girl, but she is the one who begged her boss if she could do this assignment and the angle would be a city girl goes glamping. So since she begged for this spot I felt she should have been more all about the outdoor activities EVEN though she was scared.

Did anyone else notice that Emilie was pregnant during this movie. I did not see this movie when it originally aired. So belated congrats to Emilie!

Oh! Another thing I DID NOT like was that Hallmark placed fake animals for this nature movie. You could tell it was like a stock video just inserted into the movie. Like come on. I know Hallmark has to be making good money if they keep pumping out movies like they do. So I did not appreciate the fake animals when they totally could have just hired a trainer who carries the animals they were looking for.

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch? 🟢

If you want to see beautiful scenery and wish this were a real place then for sure take a look at this movie.

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