“One Perfect Wedding” – Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 3 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

This is the third movie in the series. The first two are One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal. . . With Cara’s book tour in two weeks and Ben’s expanding business plans, Cara and Ben put their long engagement behind them and book the chalet for a small wedding with friends and family.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Taylor Cole – Cara

Jack Turner – Ben

Rukiya Bernard – Megan

Dewshane Williams – Sean

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

When I saw they were making the third installment of this series I was excited, but it did not live up to the hype. I enjoyed the first two movies too. I LOVE when Hallmark continues stories like this. Right now my favorite movie series are the All of my Heart movies.


Overall it was a pretty bland movie. Nothing too crazy happened. Usually there are things that a couple has to overcome so they can grow together, but there as nothing like that. Don’t get me wrong, it was kind of nice to have a simple movie with nothing really happening, but then I soon realized it made more a boring movie. All movies need some type of drama.

The only drama they wrote in was that Cara was starting to become suspicious of Ben and his secret keeping. They made it to where it seemed that this was a thing Ben has been doing, so if it has been, then why was Cara all of a sudden suspicious? That did not make sense to me.

Also, for it being a wedding movie there has ZERO romance in it. It was like they forgot to write it in. There were some cute scenes here and there, but overall the romance LACKED greatly and that is sad because it is a wedding movie. So it is supposed to be sappy and lovey dovey.

Oh! They also threw in a weird mystery that had no place in this movie.


The chemistry is great in this like it was in the first two movies. You can tell their friendship has grown outside of filming these movies. I totally believe Cara and Megan are friends. They act the way people would in real life.

Megan and Sean also have a wonderful relationship. If they came out saying they were a couple in real life I would totally believe it.

Ben and Cara also have a believable relationship. Their chemistry does not feel forced. It totally comes naturally.

So overall I loved the chemistry between all four leads because they have now been in 3 movies together (except for Dewshane. If you watch you will see what I mean) so they know how each other works. Since they know each other’s quirks they know how to play off of each other and show the viewer a real friendship.

Likes and Dislikes

I LOVED Cara’s wedding dress! Like LOVED LOVED!! It was such a beautiful wedding dress.

Other than the wedding dress there was not much else that I enjoyed. It was not that much of an enjoyable movie. It was pretty much a let down. It did feel like it was rushed. Kind of a mess really.

You know, I did like the scenery. Snow is beautiful.

There were a few things I was not fond of. Since I want to keep this part spoiler free of what happens in this movie I made a small spoiler section.

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch? 🟢

If you have watched the first two movies then I say watch this just so you can finish the series. If you haven’t seen the series then I say watch the first movie, One Winter Weekend, and then stop there. If you want to see a good Hallmark movie series then watch the one I mentioned in the beginning, All of my Heart.

🔴 Some Spoiler Spew 🔴

There were a few specific things that I was NOT a fan of.

  • I did not like the way Cara and Megan treated Ben’s sister, Zoey, at the bridal store. They made Zoey hold all of the dresses they wanted to try on and treated her like an assistant. I did not like this because Zoey will be Cara’s sister in law and I do not think that is the proper way to treat a future sister in law. What bugged me to is that Cara is supposed to be a well known author and NO ONE at the bridal shop helped her.
  • I cannot believe that the whole time Cara and Ben were together she never hung out with Zoey. Zoey told Ben that she was nervous to hang out with Cara and Megan. It was strange to me this happened because they have all should have met each other a few times by now.
  • Megan is doing all of the wedding planning herself. Normally I would not mind this, but how does she not allow anyone to help her when the wedding is in one week? Zoey asks if she can help and Megan shoots her down because she says it is too hard to explain what she wants. BUT then Megan spends the whole movie kind of complaining on how much stuff she has to do and she has no time to relax.
  • Sean was not in this movie! What the heck?! He even proposes to Megan via zoom. Ugh! That was irritating. This has literally been three years in the making and he was not there! So not only was he not there in person to propose, but he was not there to see his best friend get married. I know they probably filmed during quarantine, so they should have waited for Dewshane to be available. He is a main character in this story.
  • Throughout the movie Cara is worried because Ben is keeping secrets and she talks to her Dad about it. Her Dad then tells her that sometimes secrets are good for a relationship. I DO NOT agree with that. The ONLY time a secret is ok if it is a surprise party.
  • When everyone gets together the day before the wedding they throw a trivia party. Cara is wearing a Bride shirt and the rest of her team is wearing a Team Bride shirt. What bothered me a little was that on the Grooms side they were all wearing Team Groom shirt, EVEN the Groom! Why would he not get a Groom shirt?
  • During the reception of the wedding they has one song playing while changing dancing scenes. Then the scene came of the father daughter dance and the same song was playing. I was not a fan of this because I am a HUGE SUCKER for father daughter dances. So I was bummed that they did not change background songs to change to a father daughter dance.

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