The Falcon and Winter Soldier – “The Whole World is Watching” – Episode 4 Review

πŸ“Έ: Marvel Studios

Every episode gets stronger and stronger. Like I have always said, TRUST Marvel and their process.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

🟒 Sam Wilson 🟒

I will be completely honest. I was not a huge fan of Anthony Mackie in the Marvel movies. I thought he was always acting a little too much. That every time he was on screen I would get taken out of the movie. Everyone else knew who they were and knew who they were playing. But I have always felt Anthony Mackie never knew where he fit. With this show I have totally changed my view. Yes I know it is sad that it took me this long, but we are finally getting to see more about Sam. With the Marvel movies there is so much happening and too many characters to keep up with. So I am glad Sam is getting his spotlight. I am LOVING Anthony Mackie in this! I love him in all his other work, but there was something about Falcon I could not get with, but now I am all on board.

On a different note, we are starting to see similarities between Steve and Sam. Sam used to talk to people who are dealing with PTSD. During the blip Steve is going this same thing with a small group of people.

🟒 Bucky Barnes  🟒

Buuuuuuuuckyyyy! Ok. Bucky is fastly (fastly? That a word? You get what I mean) creeping up to be one of my favorites. Sebastian Stan is great at delivering comedic lines with a monotone voice. It is great and I am all for it!

The part I am talking about is when the Dora come into the room and they tell Bucky they are there for Zemo. Bucky tells Jon Walker “Looking strong Jon!” as Jon is getting beat up by the Dora. I was dying of laughter when he said that. Jon has already been beating himself up and getting angry because he cannot keep up with everyone, then the Dora come along and really put him in his place. Gosh that was good.

As far as Bucky and Sam’s relationship, I think eventually Bucky will start to say that he is Sam’s partner. Sam will win him over and Bucky will finally tell him that he has his back like how he had Steve’s. Bucky still beats himself up because Sam did not want the shield. Bucky even told Sam, “If Steve was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me”. With this out there in Sam’s mind, I know Sam is going to do everything he can to let Bucky know that he is a good person overall.

Also! With Jon. I do think Sam has FINALLY realized that he made a mistake when he donated Steve’s shield to the museum. I think he realized this when Jon interrupted Sam and Carly talking. THEN he REALLY understood when later Jon put the shield down and told Sam, “Do you want me to put the shield down to make it fair?” You can see in Sam’s face that he messed up. Then definitely so at the very end of the episode.

🟒 The Flag Smashers 🟒

I am so torn when it comes to them. Like I said that I totally understand where Carly and her group are coming from. Even Sam agrees with what she is doing. But like Sam, I believe she is doing all this in the wrong way. But you know. This is why Carly is becoming a villain. I really do Sam could have helped her. If freaking Jon did not step in I do think Sam could have gotten through to her. Yeah still don’t let her get away with what she has already done, but to help her change her strategies.

🟒 Sharon Carter 🟒

I am glad that they are keeping her relevant in this series. But she is getting sketchy. Like she knows that Power Broker is mad about what happened to the scientist, but how does she know this? So my theory might come true that she is in the inner circle with the Power Broker. So I think she will definitely become more relevant in these last few episodes.

🟒 Jon Walker 🟒

Jon, Jon, Jon. . . I was waiting for this moment to come. I knew it would! But I did not know it would come out like this. The way he killed the Flag Smasher was freaking nuts! I do believe Lemar dying is what caused him to go this crazy, But! but, I do think Jon would have gotten to this point eventually because he is angry that people are not taking him seriously. And Lemar was always his voice of reason.

The point to me where Jon turned for the true dark side is when the Dora came and beat him up. We know at this point that Jon stole some of the serum. But I feel it was not until after he talked to Lemar that he actually drank the serum. Drank or injected. I think this because he was tlaking to Lemar if he would take the serum and Lemar said, “Hells yeah’. Once Lemar said this, I knew Jon was going to take the serum that night. I say the Dora did not help because you could see how angry Jon was and even told Lemar, “They weren’t even super soldiers!”.

You know, Jon Walker reminds me a lot of Homelander fromΒ The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

🟒 Lemar Hoskins 🟒 

I am sad that he is dead. We won’t get to see Battlestar in action. Well ok. I know we don’t know for sure if he is dead, but I truly do think he is. With Carly being the one to possibly kill makes sense because with that scene they have now compared Carly and Jon. . . The more I think, the more I think he is dead. . .

🟒 Dora Milaje 🟒

THESE LADIES ARE LEGIT THE BEST! Oh. My. Gosh. They really are fantastic.

I knew, like everyone else in the world, as soon as Jon put is hand on Ayo’s shoulder I was like this is game over for Jon.

There was so much to love about this scene. . .

  • When that one Dora threw her spear into the straps on the shield and had Jon stuck.
  • When that same Dora took the shield back. I was like yeeessssss take it back! But then Ayo said to give it back it back. BUT! It is pretty badass that they do give it back because it shows that they do not need it. Badass.
  • They stuck to their word when they told Bucky he only has 8 hours to do whatever then they will take Zemo.

Even though it was cool that Ayo was able to take off Bucky’s arm, it was sad to see because it shows that no matter how much Wakanda helped him. They still never truly trusted him. You can see the hurt in Bucky’s face when this happens.

I honestly don’t even know why Sam got involved. Ok I know he was protecting Lemar, but Sam should have tried to talk to the Dora a little more. But like I said, I get it. Better to get beat up then have an innocent man get killed.

Lastly, I think Jon was wrong when he said, “They weren’t even super soldiers”. The Dora are DEFINTELY super soldiers. They just don’t need the serum.

🟒 Ayo and Bucky 🟒

I LOVE that they showed us their history. It is cool that Ayo is the one who helped Bucky get over his brainwashed programming. This is nice to see this because Ayo was there when T’Chaka died. So she does have a connection with Bucky. And when we see them together, it deepens this connection.

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