“Star Wars the High Republic Adventures” – Issue 3 Comic Review and Summary

🟒 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟒

Daniel Jose Older – Writer

Harvey Tolibao – Artist

Rebecca Nalty – Colorist

Jake M. Wood – Letterer

🟒 Publisher and Date 🟒

IDW Publishing / April 2021

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

Oh my goodness this story is getting good! After this issue I really want this comic series to be an animated show.

I truly enjoyed this issue because you can see the differences of how the Nihil treat people and how the Jedi treat people. The way they write this comic makes a very big impact. We see Zeen feel she is finally at home, and then we see Krix becoming full of anger. Even though we know that Jedi’s are always the “Good guys”, but the way they write this issue makes you kind of doubt that for a quick second. . . It at least made me doubt them.

You see the Nihil AND the Jedi put Zeen and Krix in a very hard spot. Even though the Jedi have a good reason to put Zeen in this terrible predicament. BUT. The Jedi are still making her choose. So yes Jedi will always be the “Good guy”, but the Jedi are still using Zeen to take advantage of the Nihil. Both Zeen and Krix have lost everything and they have not had proper time to process it all. Because they are not able to process it all, Krix might be going down a path he will not be able to come back from. Since his best friend has left him, he feels it is every man for himself.

On a side note. There was a cool similarity made between Zeen and Anakin Skywalker. In a set of panels we see the Jedi Masters talking to each other saying that Zeen is too old to learn the ways of the Force. It is very similar to what they said about Anakin but then look how he turned out. Wait. The Jedi Masters might be on to something. . . 

Artwork and writing are playing such an AMAZING role at getting the message across. They are working beautifully together. You can have great writing, but if you don’t have great artwork then the story will never truly come to life.

At the end of the day this was yet another strong issue. Writing. On point. Artwork. On point. Yoda. On point. Like I said before. Everything is well done. You can tell the people involved really love what they are doing and they put love and care into these issues.

🟒 Purchase the Comic 🟒

You can buy this comic at your local comic shop or on Amazon.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

A shocking revelation in Bralanak City. Force sensative Mikkian Zeen Mrala has helped the Padawans of the Star Hopper protect the citizens of Trymant IV as they evacuate following the hyperspace disaster. But she is separated from her best friend Krix Kamerat, who, shocked by Zeen’s new powers, has chosen to leave the planet in the company of the Nihil.

It opens up with Zeen and Krix sending holo messages to each other. Zeen tells him that she is loving being with other Jedi’s and feeling the force flow through her body. Krix tells Zeen that he both hates her and misses her dearly. 

Krix and Elder Tromak are both sent to the Battle Rink because Tromak will not reveal the location of two ancient relics. Back on Starlight beacon while Krix is in the battle arena, all of Zeen’s friends are convincing the Jedi Masters to continue Jedi training for Zeen. On the Nihil ship the Battle Rink is where people have to get up on these creatures and use them for jousting.

During the jousting battle it is stopped suddenly and an announcement is made that a holo projector has been found. Krix points the finger to Tromak saying it is his. Because of Krix, Tromak is sent to die.

The Nihil and Yoda at the same time are talking to Krix and Zeen (with the other Jedi) saying that in the holo projector is a tracker that lets the Jedi know exactly where the Nihil ship is. Yoda wants to go find the ship and the Nihil are going to let them so they can attack the Jedi. BUT. The only way for this all to work is that Zeen and Krix have to send another message to each other so the tracker will turn on.

We see Krix say he will try and Zeen says she is not sure.

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