Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Cut and Run” – Episode 2 Review

πŸ“Έ: Lucasfilm

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

Ok. Don’t come at me, but to me this was not the greatest. It was pretty slow and not too much happened. Yes there was a lot of action, but to me it did lack some story. Even though with that said, I am still excited to see where this series goes and to see what story lines this is going to tie in to. I do feel this is going to be a great show and there will by many people doing cosplays. I can already see someone doing a mash up of Hunter as Rambo. Talking about Hunter, I am getting vibes that he is similar to Mando. I say this because Mando had Baby Yoda, and Hunter has Omega.

I know this was just the second episode so that is why I do not mind that not too much happened. It was just hard getting a slow episode after an action packed one. But then again this was more of a set up episode for Omega.

Overall, I am happy with this show because it feels extremely Star Warsy. I also do enjoy this time period of Star Wars. It is fun to learn about the time between when the Jedi fall and Sith comes to rule the galaxy.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

🟒 Cut 🟒

I found it weird that he has a chip as well, but he does not want to go and kill Jedi. So to me either the clones MUST hear the words “Execute order 66” in to be turned into bad guys? Ooorrrrr Rex came and took out the chip because Cut did tell the guys he just saw Rex.

You know, I thought Omega was really going to leave with Cut and his family πŸ˜… I was like dang, we just got played and I was starting to like this little kid. So I am glad that it was not the case and she is staying with The Bad Batch.

Also, if you do not remember Cut go back to Star Wars Clone Wars season 2 and check out the episode called “The Deserter”.

🟒 Omega 🟒

She kind of let me down in this episode. I thought we were going to see a little more of what she could do. To me Omega is all of “The Bad Batch” mushed into one. I like that we did see Omega seeing everything for the first time. It reminded me a lot of Rapunzel from Tangled. I know some people did not like that Omega went on the ship to go cry about her getting attacked and I do not agree with that. This is the first time she has been outside, so of course she is not going to understand the workings of the outside world.

With Omega I cannot wait to see what she is capable of. I like her confidence even though she is not really sure who she is. You know, what if she isn’t even a Jango Fett clone? What if she is a brand new clone that the Kaminoans made? Like maybe they could have taken a little from Jango, ooorrrr they had a totally different person who they cloned her from.

🟒 Hunter 🟒

Is it just me or is Hunter and Omega trying to become the new Mando and Baby Yoda? I don’t mind them trying, but NOTHING will come close to that πŸ˜‚ I do like that Cut was able to teach Hunter that Omega is NOT a soldier and he needs to treat her as a child. It was nice to see Hunter grow in this way when at the end he lets Omega go with them.

🟒 Wrecker 🟒

I LOOOOOOOOVE that he was doing bicep reps with a Gonk droid 🀣

🟒 The Bad Batch 🟒

I really do hope that throughout these series we see TBB open up in their personalities a bit more. Right now they are all rough around the edges. Maybe with the addition of Omega we will see them start to change. Similar to how Mando changed when he got Baby Yoda.

🟒 I Don’t Mind Seeing 🟒

Like I said before. I really do hope TBB runs into Vader because at this point no one really knows who he is. So it would be awesome for them to run into him and be completely shocked and have to retreat.

Also, I cannot wait to see when Rex comes in to join TBB. We did see him in the trailer, but I hope when we do see him it is not for only one episode.

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