“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” – Movie Review

📸: Lucasfilm

I give this movie 10 out of 10 vomits


🟢 The Stars 🟢

Felicity Jones – Jyn Erso

Diego Luna – Cassian Andor

Alan Tudyl – K-2SO

Donnie Yan – Chirrut Imwe

Wen Jiang – Baze Malbus

Ben Mendelsohn – Orson Krennic

Guy Henry – Governor Tarkin

Forest Whitaker – Saw Gerrera

Riz Ahmed – Bodhi Rook

Mads Mikkelsen – Galen Erso

Jimmy Smits – Bail Organa

Genevieve O’Reilly – Mon Mothma

🟢 Plot 🟢

The daughter of an Imperial scientist joining the Rebel Alliance in a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star.

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This was honestly one of the greatest Star Wars films I have ever seen. Every time I see it, it gets better and better. The space battles and ground battles are impressive. Such an emotional movie and I loved every second of it. It all led up to an awesome action packed ending.

It really is crazy that they were able to make this whole film off of one line from the original movies. The people behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are magical people. Everything was brilliantly written and shot. I love that they brought back Vader and this movie totally shines a different light on the Rebels we know and love. The way it was created was totally like a war film. And this type of style fit this movie PERFECTLY.

All the actors were amazing too. With all the new characters introduced I immediately liked all of them. It did not take a while for me to warm up the the characters. They were all instantly likeable. Everyone was perfectly cast and they all fit into their roles perfectly. It was like they were all made for these roles.

Even though I grew up with the prequal trilogies, but how I felt after watching this movie is how I think people felt when they came out of the theater watching the original trilogy. Such an outstanding, immersive, and satisfying Star Wars movie.

May the Force be with you. . . and go watch this movie!

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch 🟢

WATCH IT! WATCH IT! WATCH IT! One of the BEST Star Wars movies.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

I cannot get enough of this movie! I loved seeing a different side of the main story that we are used to. Also, it is amazing that they made this brilliant movie off of one line. SO GOOD! I also love that we got to see more of a darker side to the Rebels. We always see them as the good guys that do no wrong, but we have never seen them actually get down and dirty. I will admit. I am gonna be a bit all over the place writing this because that is how much I love this movie. SO many good things pop in my head.

So when Cassian killed that one spy in the beginning I knew this was going to be a different Star Wars movie.

Also, Saw Gerrera, I love seeing his progression of craziness.

One thing I did realize was that the outfits in this movie were not stand out. What I mean is that all the other movies everyone has an iconic style, but with this one, since it is meant to be a war movie, everyone is dressed similar.

Ok. Guys. When Vader says, “Don’t choke on your ambitions” I nearly cheered and clapped. Even though it can be categorized as a cheesy line, I LOVED it! But I truly loved this Darth Vader that we got. This was the Vader I have been WANTING. In my own head canon Vader was always this bad ass. But then to see it on screen so perfectly was mind blowing. I wanted more. And just in general, it is always great to hear James Earl Jones.

And the end. THE END! The guts these people had to kill everyone! I LOVE IT. I will admit. When K-2SO died that one really hurt a lot. He was a great character. I like that he was sarcastic like C-3PO, but then I loved that he kicked butt along with all the other Rebels.

Cassian was my fav, but I think I am going to say that Chirrut was my all time favorite. Donnie Yen is legit a baller. I loved him in Ip Man. He is a flawless actor. And his mantra that they gave him is awesome.

Guuyyyys! Leia and Tarkin?! Are you kidding me?? They were both flippin awesome! They way they did them they were near flawlessness.

The ONLY thing that I did not understand about this movie was why Jyn was in prison. I wish they would have elaborated a little more on her back story and how she got to where she was.

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