Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Reunion” – Episode 8 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This was such a fun and entertaining episode. In this episode we see our Bad Batchers are still on Bracca and they find themselves in a not so great situation.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

MAN what a FANTASTIC character reveal in this episode. Let’s dive right into it.

🟢 Omega 🟢

I am happy every week to see Omega growing and being part of the Bad Batch. As we see in this episode she has gotten better with her bow and arrow weapon. Not only is she getting better, but they also tasked her with setting chargers. Usually with kids in a show they are always told to stay back. I am enjoying that in this series the Bad Batch is actually using Omega instead of pushing her off to the side. 

But you know, I am still waiting for the big reveal for what Omega is and what she means to the Kaminoin’s. Her name does mean last or the ending of something. I feel like that has to play a role somehow. I really don’t think they would name her that just because it sounds good. There is always a reason for doing something. You learn that real quick if you have followed the Marvel franchise. . . What if her name means the end of the clones?

🟢 Crosshair 🟢

He is going further down the dark rabbit hole. I think the only way for him to be redeemed is for his chip to come out. But honestly I am not sure if I want his chip to come out. I like that he is a bad guy. In my eyes, EVERYONE does not always need to be redeemed. I do not mind when a good guy goes bad and stays that way. I know this time it is not Crosshair’s fault, but I would still like it if he stayed bad. You know, at the end of this episode Crosshair was looking pretty bad.

🟢 Hunter 🟢

I was a huge fan of the way we see Hunter waking up after Cad Bane took Omega. It really felt like I was transported into a video game. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want this ALL the time, but I thought it was a great shot. It honestly reminded me of the scene in “Wreck it Ralph” when the little human girl in the arcade is playing Hero’s Duty. 

🟢 Cad Bane 🟢

I LOVE THAT CAD BANE IS BACK! What a great reveal! When they slowly started with the boots and slowly went to his face. Awesome! He is a pretty badass bounty hunter. Yes, Boba will always be my favorite, but Cad Bane I feel could give Boba a run for his money. But I do feel Boba would still come out on top. 

I know that Cad Bane took Omega at the end, but I wonder if he will succeed in getting her back to Kamino. Ooooo! What if we see Fennec Shand again and she intercepts Cad Bane and takes Omega back?! Man that would be pretty cool to see.

🟢 Kamino 🟢

See. I know they were up to something! I KNEW that they were the ones who were hiring these bounty hunters to get Omega back. They were talking about contingency plans. So I wonder what their end game will be. Now I do not remember ever hearing about Kamino in the original trilogy. So maybe before the original trilogy they get wiped out?

Also, I think Nala Se knows more about Omega than Lama Su does. Either she knows more, or she does not Lama Su to get his hands on Omega. Remember, Nala Se let Omega go free. She did that for a reason.

🟢 Boba Fett 🟢

You know. I have been wondering if Boba Fett will be in this series. I am still on the fence about it, BUT, it does make sense because we are getting The Book of Boba Fett Disney Plus series. So I can see this lead into that. Ten again, I would not mind if he was not in this series because I would like this to focus more on the Bad Batch.

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