Star Wars The Bad Batch “Return to Kamino” and “Kamino Lost” Episode 15 and 16 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

The Bad Batch find themselves in unexpected territory in this thrilling finale.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

Wow. Just wow. The animation in these last two episodes were amazing. Ok. The whole season has been amazing animation, but this last episode really left me in awe. Overall, it is such gorgeous animation.

I am so excited that they will be doing a season 2! I had a sneaky suspicion they were going to because I felt like there was still so much story to tell. And with the few slower episodes there were, I felt there had to be a season 2.

Overall, I do feel a lot of storylines that were given to us kind of fell flat. It was almost as if they were told there would be only one season. But then later on in the middle of them making it they were told there would in fact be another season. So, the creators were now able to slow down and tell a more drawn out story.

Season 2, in my opinion, needs to have more character development and they need to take risks in their story. Even if it is something they are unsure of, they need to just commit and go for it.

🟢 Omega 🟢

Man. I am starting to wish that Omega was just more than the Batch’s sister. I felt she was a bit hyped up in the beginning, but then kind of fell flat. It is like they gave up halfway on her story. They really did start her out to be something amazingly special, but the story has gone nowhere. This is why I am excited for a second season because maybe now we will see what Omega is capable of. With season one it could have just been us getting know her, the Batch getting to know her, and her finding her place with them and honing her skills. 

🟢 The Bad Batch 🟢

Now that Crosshair has truly chosen his path, I wonder what is now in store for the Batch. I truly hope they do not go back to Cid’s place. I really want them to move away from there and to continue to go out on their own adventures.

You know. The way they escaped Kamino I thought was great. Fast thinking on their part.

🟢 Kamino / Nala Se 🟢

It was so crazy to see Kamino literally go down in flames. I thought I was about to cry. To be honest, I did not think I was going to feel this way about Kamino. I did not know I had such an attachment to that place. My attachment must come from liking the Clone Troopers so much and all of their personalities. So, with that I guess seeing their home be destroyed was sad. Even though that is where they were created and given the evil Jedi killer chips. . .

I am SUPER excited to see what happens with Nala Se. I keep getting more of a gut feeling that we may see Baby Yoda in the next season. The Empire keeps Nala Se because she is a fantastic scientist and cloner. In The Mandalorian we see a scientist who is wearing a cloner patch on his uniform. So, to me it is highly likely that he worked with Nala Se. If we get to see Baby Yoda that would be great! But, if we don’t get to see him that’s ok too. I am happy Nala Se is still alive, but I wonder if they will get rid of her once they get all the information they need from her.

🟢 Crosshair 🟢

To be honest I am still confused with his motivations and why he is doing what he is doing. I always blamed it on the chip, but now that we know he does not have one it made me confused. In the last episode he says that the Empire will be on top so he will join them, but to me that makes no sense. He literally just saw the Empire leave him for dead, but he wants to go back. It just does not make any sense to me. His brothers and sister are there with him and saving his life and wanting him to rejoin them, but Crosshair just will not budge. At one point Crosshair does touch the side of his head. So, I wonder if he was lying about the chip being taken out. . .

🟢 Clones 🟢

I have been wondering where all the little Boba Fett’s were going. We see one of the Kaminoin’s taking a group of them away to a ship. So, I wonder if once they get to where the Empire wants them to go, if they will start to train them so they will be loyal.

🟢 Music 🟢

My. Freaking. Goodness. The music was great! I love that they brought in the John Williams music from Episode 2. The music did get lost at some points, but I could still hear it enough to give me all the feels.

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