“Moon Knight” Season Review

📸: Marvel Studios

🟢 Plot 🟢

When Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew  🟢

This was such a fantastic Marvel Disney+ series. I honestly think I love this more than I do the other Marvel shows. It was so different from everything else we have seen AND we got a brand new character. I was ALL IN within like 5 minutes. This is such an entertaining show to watch. I was glued to my television and I was sad when each episode ended.

Every part of this show is perfect. I am loving that at the very beginning they drop us, the watcher, right into the life of Steven. We are just as confused as our main star is. So it is intriguing to see that we are trying to piece everything together right along with Steven. 

Also, I love that this had such a creepy feel to it and that it was a lot darker than what we are used to. I feel like Marvel is starting to turn a corner and we are going to start to see the darker side of these heroes. I like that we are going down this path because we can see something other than everything being light and fun. This show still has the humor in it, but it shows that Marvel can be a little more serious and still be fantastic. I wonder since Marvel now has Daredevil and Deadpool that we will see darker sides to things because those two characters are dark themselves.

Along with them making this show darker, it does feel like they are now making content for young adults. We are growing up with these movies, so it is great to see that these shows are growing with us. Yes, I know there are still kids who are in love with the heroes, but they will grow up one day too and I am sure they will be happy that the content grew a little with its audience.

Last thing. EVERYONE in this show is simply fantastic. They are all acting their butts off and it shows. And it makes me happy. Thank you. I can’t wait for season 2. 

Two more last things. I did enjoy that they put QR Codes in a few of their episodes that lead to comic issues of Moon Knight. The one in the last episode is a good hint as to where this is all going.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴 

Like I said up above. This whole season was fantastic. The way they ended it was a bit abrupt to me, but I like that it was different. Besides. We were given that mid credit scene, so that made up for it. I also do love that even though this was more of a serious show, the comedy in this was subtle and was done beautifully. I loved every part of this show. Super enjoyable to watch. 

I can’t wait to see where this goes with the bigger MCU. I want to see Moon Knight interact with the rest of the Avengers. Also, this show is showing us more gods when we know that this is what we are getting with the new Thor movie. ALSO, when Marc died we do see that he is in an afterlife that is purple. And the Hippo does say this is “an afterlife”. AN! We know from Black Panther that we see the purple afterlife before. But yeah. I can’t wait to see where this all goes.

Steven / Marc / Jake

Ok. Oscar Isaac needs an Oscar for his role as Moon Knight/Steven/Marc/Jake 🤪 He has been brilliant this ENTIRE season. BRILLIANT I tell ya! I know Marvel people don’t really win awards for their acting chops, but Oscar really does need to get recognized. There were MANY times throughout the season where I thought Oscar had a legit twin and they were both acting.

One of the parts I thought was crazy was the room where we see everyone Marc has killed. What’s nuts is that this is everyone MARC killed. Not Jake. With everything we are learning about Marc I can see why he has more personalities. To see what happened in his past Marc needs somewhere to put all that rage he hold inside. So to create a third personality makes sense. But now with Jake it is crazy to see how well he has been hidden. The ending there where Marc blacks out and then Harrow is almost dead and everyone around Marc is dead even had Layla scared.

You know with Jake. Since we haven’t seen him go on his killing rampage. I wonder if he will get a different suit. It would make sense because it would help us differentiate who is in control. So I wonder what his suit looks like. I kind of have a feeling it might go on the creepier side and maybe look a bit more like Khonshu.

Side note. When Marc comes back for Steven and then they finally become one and balance their scales. . . It reminded me a lot of when Anna saved Elsa in Frozen. Was that just me or did you guys think that to? No? Just me? Ok.

When Marc becomes Moon Knight it is so badass to see. His outfit is legit and I cannot wait to see all the cosplayers with this outfit. I can see why people call Moon Knight Marvel’s version of Batman. I can really see all the similarities. 

With Marc and his personalities it is nice to see how this all happened. This is what happens in real life. People do create personalities to help them get through life. So I am glad this is shinning a small light on this disorder and I hope from this, I know it is asking a lot, I hope that people become more aware of this disorder. What we learn too is that Steven is actually just as strong as Marc. Steven was created to protect Marc from his abusive mother. 


Layla is FREAKING LEGIT! I love every part of her character. I also love that she owned being an Egyptian superhero. Zero hesitation on her part. That was honestly refreshing to see because all the other heroes we know have taken a long time to accept that they are a superhero, but Layla was all about that life. Love it!

I love too that she is a strong character without having to make such a huge deal about it. I hope this is how it goes from now on. I want this to become more normalized where we see strong women characters and there does not have to be a huge spotlight on it. This needs to become the norm.

Scarlet Scarab was a man in the comics. So I am loving that they switched it for the show. Once she gets on her new suit she just gets at it and kicks major ass. I love everything about her outfit and I love that she just owns who she is.

Oh! I truly became all in on Layla when she started to fight with Marc/Steven against the invisible monster.

I can’t wait to see how Layla grows as a character and hero. As well as see how her and Marc/Steven will get on after this.


It is so funny to see that Khonshu, a god, is super tired of Steven and is so tired of him. It was funny to me because you can hear it in Khonshu’s voice how much disgust he has for Steven. He even said, “The idiot is back” 🤣 That is pretty crazy that the thing is granting you your powers is bothered by you.

Let’s be real here. Khonshu is definitely looking like a villain. It totally comes to light at the very end when he is talking to Harrow and then has Jake kill him. When I saw Jake I was like, “What the heck? I thought he let them go”. But then I went back and when Khonshu is letting Marc and Steven free, you hear Khonshu say something along the lines of “I release you both”. Like, both? So you know FOR SURE that Khonshu knew he still has Jake in check. I just wonder how Khonshu is getting Jake to suppress Steven and Marc.

When we see Khonshu at the end I new it was going to be bad. I got that feeling because he was happy and cocky. It makes sense why he is like this because this whole time Khonshu has wanted Jake. NOT Marc OR Steven. Jake is the one who is actually down to kill people and that is what Khonshu has been wanting. ALSO, we learn that Khonshu NEVER CARED to have Layla as his Avatar. NEVER cared for her. All he wanted was Jake.


Ethan Hawke did such a fantastic job. I am sad to see that he is dead. I was hoping we would see more of him, but it is all good. With Harrow’s character we really do get a glimpse into Khonshu’s mind because for Khonshu to pick someone like Harrow, that means that there is a little bit of villain in him. Harrow even said that he was good until Khonshu came to him and then opened his mind even further. So we know that Khonshu likes the broken people and then he wants to break them even more to control them.

At the end of the day I do feel bad for Harrow because he might not have been as bad as he became if it weren’t for Khonshu. But actually. I guess I do not feel THAT bad because Harrow did side with Amit at the end of the day and Amit is super bad.

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