“BRZRKR” Issue 4 Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt – Writer

Ron Garney – Artist

Bill Crabtree – Colorist

Clem Robins – Letterer

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

BOOM Comics / July 2021

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢


Reeves and Kindt are doing fantastic at getting their story across. It is easy to follow and understand, but yet it is full of mystery and intrigue. We get a little more in depth with the friendship between B and Diana. This was a great issue! I love that we are getting more into B’s backstory. I like that we did slow it down a bit for this issue. We do need to know more about B and his story. I know some people need fast paced all the time. But I do not mind slowing it down to learn more about our main character. This is a 12 issue series, so it makes sense to slow it down.


The detail Crabtree and Garney put into their work is nothing short of amazing. You can tell that they were in each other’s head when they are creating. Crabtree truly knows how to bring Garney’s work to life. They are both doing an awesome job that they should do more work together. The detail in every piece of artwork is awesome. Don’t get me wrong. It is a very gruesome comic, but there is still something amazing about it. To me it is crazy to see all the little detail in every panel. No detail is missed. I also do love that Crabtree changes their color tone according to B’s moods. It’s great to see a colorist take all of that into consideration when bringing a comic to life.


I am HOOKED. HOOKED I tell ya! I laughed at the end of this issue because it is so darn good. Kudos to everyone involved.

🔴 Spoiler Summary Spew 🔴

B leaves Diana’s lab because he is tired of talking and she replays a session that she had with him. . .

The village hears of another village that is going to come and attack them and that there are many enemies. B and his dad go out to attack the enemy, but there is something wrong. They get ambushed and then they realize it was a distraction. Other enemies were already attacking the village. When B and his dad go back, B sees that his mom has died. He is angry by this and leaves his dad to die. B gets surrounded by the enemy and lets them rip him apart. Days letter we see him get surrounded in an egg like this and B comes out of it as a brand new man.

Diana visits B at his house and tells him that she wants to tell him the truth.

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