“Hidden Gems” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 8 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

While prepping for her sister’s wedding, Addie loses her grandmother’s ring in the waters of Hawaii. She hires sailor Jack to scuba dive with her to find it and rediscovers her love of the sea.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Hunter King – Addie

Beau Mirchoff – Jack

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I LOVED this movie! Ok, maybe not LOVE. BUT. I was SUPER pleased that this was a great movie. The last few WERE NOT good. I have been so sad with the ones we have received so I was beyond happy that this one was hitting on all levels.

What I truly liked about Hidden Gems was that it was believable. Many people have lost items before and needed help retrieving them. Even the small family drama that our leading lady had to deal with was believable as well. There are many people out there who put their dreams on hold for family. Also, I did enjoy that this is not a story Hallmark is constantly retelling. Even though the basics of it is the same, it still felt fresh. It was also nice to see fresh faces acting in a Hallmark movie.

The chemistry between Hunter and Beau was fantastic! I totally believed these two young adults could come together and fall in love. You could even see a little spark that maybe there really was something there. I am sure there wasn’t, but you could tell they were into each other. The banter they had going on back and forth was brilliant! It did not feel forced. It did feel like this would be a normal conversation. Hunter and Beau make a wonderful duo. I hope we see them again in another movie.

Addie and Jack as a couple I was invested in. Some couples are rushed into love, but I felt this one was a bit more organic. They revealed just enough about each other to spark enough interest that they would want to keep seeing each other. I also love that their meeting was just love at first site. I love when there is a little bit of playful banter.

I am pleased to say that I was invested in this movie from beginning to end. Overall, it was a very solid movie. I would for sure watch this again.

Side note, whenever Hallmark goes to Hawaii, which is a lot, it makes me want to go SO BAD! 😅

🔴 Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

The movie starts off with Addie and her Grandma hanging out by the beach where Addie’s Grandma was telling her that magic is real and there is magic in the rare wedding ring the Grandpa gave her. Then we get to present time where Addie is picking up her sister’s wedding rings and the jeweler wants to appraise the ring.

I thought this was such a sweet moment between a granddaughter and her grandma. You could tell this was setting up for what the movie was going to be about because they put a huge emphasis on magic and what the ring might be worth.

When Addie gets back to her sister’s, Kate, clothing business, Kate surprises Addie with a maid of honor present that will grant Addie half of the business. You can tell that Addie is not as thrilled as she should be. When we get to Hawaii, where the wedding will take place, Addie is searching for a summer internship that deals with Marine Biology there in Hawaii. 

Addie, Kate, and their friend Kara head out to paddleboard yoga. At yoga Addie falls off her board and loses her grandmother’s ring in the process. Hannah, the wedding planner, tells Addie to find Jack, the hotel’s diver. She finds Jack and hires him to help her.

I found this part cute because this is when you can see their banter back and forth and see the beginning of their love. At this part no one in Addie’s family knows where she is and her Dad finds her out on Jack’s boat. BUT. The way he sees her is that he has a camera with a SUPER zoom lens. I was laughing because there was NO WAY he was able to zoom in THAT far. I know, I know there are zoom lens like that, but his lens looked normal.

What I did not understand though about the ring is that why would Addie wear it out in the ocean? I understand that she never takes it off and there are certain jewelry people don’t take off. But sometimes it is the right thing to do especially when it is something that is rare and precious.

Jack and Addie are at the shore where she lost her ring and they run into people with metal detectors. Jack says to not tell them what you have lost because they will try to find it for their own interest. After this, Jack joins the bridesmaids on a scavenger hunt versus the groomsmen.

I figured something would be up with this because after this there were so many shots of people with metal detectors. I thought the scavenger hunt was funny because at the end the bridesmaids win. But they sort of win by default too because Hannah says that the groomsmen gave up and went golfing instead 🤣 During this hunt is where the magic Addie’s grandma talked about because Jack was able to convince Addie to make a wish. Something she is completely against because she feels that is childish.

Addie runs into Jack when she takes a tour of the aquarium that is having the summer program she wants to join. After that they go eat and talk about Addie’s future where she is not sure whether to go back to school or to stay with her sister’s company. Jack takes Addie for a nighttime boat ride. The wedding day has finally arrived and Jack goes with Addie.

What I thought was so cute about Jack at the wedding is that he got a cell phone JUST for Addie. The whole movie he does not believe in them, but because he likes Addie so much he wanted to stay in touch with her. I thought this was SUPER CUTE!

One of the metal detector people finds the ring and gets it appraised. They then take it too Hannah and Jack to get a finders fee. Jack ends up giving the guy THOUSANDS of dollars for the ring. He uses the money that he was gonna go on a sail around the world trip. We find out Addie stays to do the program, Jack gives her the ring, and then they become a couple.

This was an intense way to end the movie in my opinion. I thought they would appeal to the metal detector guy, but nope. That guy stayed a sleezeball. That guy really did make me feel icky through the TV. It was nice that Jack bought the ring back, but DANG. He spent WAY too much. He should have tried to make the guy come down a bit, but I know in real life the person would stay a sleezeball.

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