“Fly Away With Me” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 7 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

When Angie moves into her “no pets allowed” building, a parrot arrives unexpectedly. New neighbor Ted and the dog he’s secretly sitting try to help her find the bird’s owner without being caught.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Natalie Hall – Angie

Peter Mooney – Ted

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This movie was actually enjoyable to watch. There were some plot holes, but I am willing to overlook all that because this one was way better than the last few movies we have gotten. I love that this movie was about hiding that they have animals in an apartment.

I love that the plot was light and fun. It was so simple, but I truly felt like that went a long way. I was thinking about it and I don’t think we have had a plot like this. It was fairly entertaining and I caught myself gripping my pillow when the landlord was close to catching Ted and Angie with their animals.

Natalie and Peter were such a great match! Their chemistry on screen was great! I enjoyed seeing them acting off of each other. You could totally tell that they were comfortable from the beginning. I also liked that their characters were instantly attracted to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it when the couple are friends first. But many movies we get they are not in to each other in the beginning. So I liked the change that there was that instant attraction.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable movie and I love that it was a huge step up from the last movie.

🔴 Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Angie is in advertising and her ex-boyfriend, Kyle, tells her that she is doing great work and they should be with each other and try their relationship again. Beth, Angie’s best friend, and Angie live together while Angie is trying to find a place of her own. Angie gets an email saying she won a lottery and is accepted for an apartment.

When Kyle told Angie that she should be with him I thought it was SUPER unprofessional because he was pressuring her in front of other people. I know they made it show like no one else could hear, but still.

In the new apartment there is a no pet policy. While Angie is moving in, a parrot flies into her apartment. Angie goes to a local pet store to buy it everything it needs while she goes out and tries to find a place that will take it. Also while moving in, Angie bumps into her across the hallway neighbor, Ted.

This part made zero sense to me because when the parrot flies into her place she was yelling if anyone lost a bird. Like lady, you are in your apartment, not outside. 

Beth visits Angie in her new place. Angie tells her about Ted and so Beth walks towards the edge of the balcony to take a look at him. She tells Beth that she is not going to pursue that because she is going to give Kyle another chance.

Not sure how this is possible to be honest. Ted is her across the hallway neighbor, so I not sure how they have balconies next to each other.

There is a tenant meeting to approve new rules and to reiterate the no pets. Ted and Angie are weary of each other because they both keep saying they follow the rules, but she has the bird and he has a dog. When she gets home, she has an idea because of her new parrot to write a script that she has been wanting to write.

Angie and Ted find out that they have both been hiding animals. They both head to the vet to get Gill, the parrot, checked out. Come to find out Gill has a broken wing.

Ted asks Angie to watch his dog because Janine is coming over. Angie says yes. At this time Kyle pops by the apartment and you can see that Ted is jealous. While on the balcony with Kyle, Angie spies on Ted and Janine and gets herself jealous.

This part was funny to me when Angie and Kyle were talking on the balcony because in the distance you can see fireworks happening. So it took me out of the movie because you know they could hear those while they were filming.

Gill randomly yells out Bingo, and this gives Angie and Ted to check out a local Bingo Hall. No luck to finding Gill’s owner. But they still stay to play a few rounds of Bingo.

At work, Angie is helping with shooting a commercial for a medicine campaign. This commercial requires a pilot actor. The actor Kyle picked is not working out. Angie calls Ted because he is a Pilot Traffic Controller and he is trying to get his license. He comes and does the commercial perfectly. When he first came out in his pilot outfit Angie lost a little of her breath.

Ted and Angie are hanging out together eating take out and Angie tells him she is writing a script. He asks to read it and she agrees. They head back inside to listen to music and dance. They catch themselves in a moment and almost kiss.

Angie asks Kyle if he has read her script that she sent him. He said yes and that she needs to get her head out of the clouds and stay where she is and date him.

Together at a plane museum, Ted tells Angie that he loved her script and she needs to pursue that. Back at home, Janine stops them both and tells Angie that she got her an owl statue for apartment because the previous tenant would feed the pigeons.

Janine is too much in this movie. I have never lived in apartment so I don’t know how landlords work. But I feel like they cannot just show up in your apartment and force their way in. Ok, maybe they can for some stuff, but I really felt like Janine was overstepping in some cases.

Gill says a saying that only the older generation says and this gives Angie the idea to go to an elderly home. She finds out that Gills owner has passed away. Angie then asks sanctuaries if they will take Gill. One sanctuary agrees. Angie finds out that Gill’s owner had many passions but did not do anything about them. This gives Angie the courage to leave her job to pursue writing and she wants to ask out Ted.

Angie is at home excited for her new life and she leaves her door open. Gill walks out and heads down to the lobby. Janine finds him and kicks out Angie. Janine tells Ted what happened and he tells her that the dog is his. Janine says that’s ok because before he said the dog was his sister’s so she will let him stay.

Angie is back with her friend and Ted tries to get ahold of her on what happened. Ted goes to Janine and says the dog is actually his. She then kicks him out too. Angie picks up her mail and the doorman tells her what happened. Angie finds Ted and they make up and get together.

At the end we see Kyle renting an apartment from Janine and they hit it off well and go on a date. When she leaves with Kyle, the doorman yells down the hallway saying they are gone. Then we see all of the tenants coming out with their pets.

There were a couple of things that I was missing from this story. There was a part where Angie was singing “Ted and Angie sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g”. After I heard her sing this to Gill I was TOTALLY thinking Gill would repeat it when Ted was near. This would have been funny and it would have made Angie embarrassed. I know it is not something THAT major. But I think it would have just added to the cuteness.

The second thing that bothered me was that we have no idea where Angie and Ted are going to live and if she is going to give up Gill to a sanctuary after all.

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