“Top Gun” Movie Review

📸: Paramount Pictures

I give this movie 9 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

High-flying adventure with barnstormer Tom Cruise falling for his beautiful instructor, while he competed against fellow flyer for the coveted ‘Top Gun’ award.

🟢 Cast 🟢

Tom Cruise – Maverick

Kelly McGillis – Charlie

Val Kilmer – Iceman

Anthony Edwards – Goose

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

What an entertaining movie! I do wish though that there were more fighting. This movie focuses heavily on the Top Gun school. Which is fine because this is what the movie is based on, but at the end they throw in some fighting and it just felt rushed. But the scenes that we do get with the fighting are wonderful!

This movie was really well made and well thought out. Everything was brilliant. From the scenes in the sky to scenes in the bar where the Navy pilots are singing in a local bar. It is easy to see why this movie is a loveable classic and why it still gives people the feels after all these years.

Every time we got scenes in the air I was all in. It was all just amazingly choreographed. The tests that they had to do to prove their worth were so enjoyable to see and it would keep me on the edge of my seat. But as soon as they went back into the classroom I sadly lost interest. When they are in the air the way it was shot was great. It was great because they really make you feel like you are in the jet flying. And they do a great job at cutting the scenes and making you feel the pressure everyone is under.

Romance in this movie was pretty non existent and I was sad about that. I love me a good romance. Yes, this one had one. But it was pretty forgettable and I didn’t see them as a real couple. I guess I can understand that it was pushed aside because it is more about the pilots, but still. Like I said. I love me a good romance.

Overall, this was a wonderful movie and entertaining every step of the way. It has great action and it is full of character. Not to mention the outfits in this movie is great too. Bomber Jackets and Aviators? Nice!

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Maverick and his flight partner Goose, are stationed on a ship somewhere in the Indian Ocean. While they are flying with another Aviator, Cougar, they see two hostile Migs (smaller enemy jet fighters). One of the Migs get a lock onto Cougar’s jet but Maverick is able to drive the Mig away by flying upside down and parallel with the Mig and took a photo of the enemy. Since Cougar was really shaken up, he resigns to be with his kid and wife. Since Cougar resigned, their boss needs a new pair to take his spot at the Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School. The boss sends Maverick and Goose.

The day before Top Gun begins, Maverick and Goose go to a local bar to hang out. Mav sees a lady he is attracted to and tries to woo her multiple times. The next day classes start and Maverick realizes that the lady he was hitting on is an astrophysicist and is the Top Gun instructor, and her name is Charlie. In the classes they find out this school is a competition and only one fighter pair will get the title of Top Gun.

During the series of classes Mav has shown everyone that he has more of an aggressive flying style. But not everyone agrees with his style. In private Charlie confesses to Mav that she admires his flying style. They start to date soon after.

In another training session, Mav proves once again that he is aggressive in the air. He is paired with another fighter pilot, Hollywood, and their task is to take down the two Migs. One of the people in a Mig is a famous Top Gun named Viper. Instead of staying with Hollywood, he goes after Viper. Because of this carelessness, Viper and his partner are able to defeat Mav and Hollywood.

Even though Mav has an aggressive style, Mav is second in the class. Iceman is first in the class. In the final competition, Mav and Iceman get paired up to defeat the Migs. Iceman is having a hard time locking on to the Mig and Mav gets annoyed. He tells him to move out of the way, and he does. Unfortunately, Mav gets caught in Iceman’s jet wash. He loses control of hit jet and loses both of his engines and goes into a spin falling fast. Mav and Goose are able to hit their eject buttons. While they are ejecting, Goose hits his head and dies instantly.

Mav feels guilty for what happened to Goose so he considers resigning. Viper gives Mav advice and tells him that he flew with his Dad in the Vietnam War. Viper tells Maverick that his Dad died a hero, contrary to what other people have commented about his Dad. Maverick attend graduation and congratulated Iceman on becoming Top Gun. During the graduation Iceman, Hollywood, and Mav receive deployment papers. They all have to go to the USS Enterprise, where Mav was originally stationed, to provide air support because they need to rescue SS Layton. It is a ship that no longer has communications on their ship and they have been spotted in hostile waters.

Iceman, Hollywood, Maverick, and Merlin go into the air to get the enemy Migs. Their radars show 2 Migs. When one of them shoots down Hollywood, they soon realize their are actually 6 Migs. Mav is able to shoot down 3 Migs and Iceman shoots down 1. The last two Migs run away in fear. Iceman has new found respect for Mav. Mav chooses to resign as a pilot to become an instructor. Since he is now an instructor, he is reunited with Charlie.

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