“Pumpkin Everything” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 6 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Amy, an upcoming novelist, returns to her hometown to look after her stubborn grandfather Tom and his pumpkin-themed store while confronting an old flame from her past.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Taylor Cole – Amy

Cory Sevier – Kit

Michael Ironside – Tom

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I am a sucker for a romance movie when it is two best friends becoming more. I just wish that this one gave me all those good feels, but sadly it didn’t. 

What I was a fan of is that this movie focused more on a Grandpa and Granddaughter relationship. This I felt is different for Hallmark because the romance was more pushed aside. And it dealt more with change that comes with getting older. Hallmark writers should take a step back and realize that you do not always need the romance. I would have been perfectly happy if this movie focused just on Amy and Tom and left Amy and Kit alone. I will give kudos though when it comes to writing about Amy and Kit because they actually really flushed out that story very well. I had a great understanding of what happened with their friendship. Hallmark does a lot of yadda yadda, but this one they actually gave us detail.

Taylor and Cory had wonderful chemistry on screen. They made it believable that they were estranged friends. I loved seeing them awkward in the beginning then get more comfortable throughout the movie. Normally this is a bad thing that I have noticed in more recent Hallmark movies, but in this one it works. It works because it is exactly what the script calls for. When we see their characters friendship blossom it is wonderful because it did feel natural. I like that the writers took their time with getting them together. And in general, Taylor and Cory did play off of each other very well. You can see that they were relaxed and comfortable with what they were doing.

Another great relationship was between Taylor and Michael. They both played their part very well. Even though their characters were mad at each other, you can see the respect that the actors had for each other. You can see that they did have a good time filming. I do wish that the script did focus more on their relationship, but that has nothing to do with the actors. They did wonderful with what they were given.

Overall, this movie was not too bad. It will make you look inward to think about what the future will hold, aging, and to make sure you are doing what you love.

🔴 Plot Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Amy is with her publisher/Agent to talk about her releasing her third book in her series. She gets a call from her Mom and her Mom says that her Grandpa, Tom, ran his truck into a local coffee shop. Amy surprises her Mom and Tom at the hospital, but you can tell there is a strain in that relationship. Amy and her Grandpa don’t get along because he was going to pay for her college tuition, but when she wanted to go for writing he withdrew his money. He did that because he wanted Amy to go to business school to take over his store called “Pumpkin Everything”. Mom is a realtor and gets a call that she needs to go see a listing.

Amy takes Tom home. But before they go home, Amy and Tom go run errands for a fall festival that’s coming. While together Tom gets her a candy apple and tells her that a local family diner went out of business because the son chose to be an actor (who is successful per Amy) with no future rather than take over the business.

Tom wants Amy to stay for the harvest festival, but Amy has a national book tour that she has to attend to. Tom is visibly upset that she wont stay. They finally go by Tom’s store and Tom tells Amy that her High School best friend, Kit, has been working with him getting everything ready.

They finally get to Tom’s house and it is a mess. There are things everywhere. Amy wants to help, but Tom gets irritated and tells her to stop. Kit and Amy run into each other at Tom’s house and Kit lets her know that he is staying in the guest house. They talk on the porch about how he was a bad kid after his Mom passed, how Tom is mad Amy is a writer, and that Tom fell a while back on their stairs in front of his house.

I got irritated that Tom’s house was a mess because his daughter, Amy’s mom, lives in the same town. I understand she is busy with work, but how do you let your Dad live like that? I would never let my parents live in filth.

At Pumpkin Everything Amy tells Tom that she got a cleaning and food delivery service for him so they can help him out. She tells them that they have an app that’s easy to use and he gets frustrated and storms off. He tells her that she is doing all this because she didn’t show up for him and walks off towards his house to make sure all his belongings are still there. Everything is there and the house is cleaned. Amy notices that Tom has a copy of her first book.

Amy and her Mom go into the coffee shop Tom ran into because they want to talk to the owner who is suing Tom. The owner, Luke, comes around and Amy’s Mom is smitten and they start flirting. Amy takes the coffee and sees Kit to talk about their past. They rekindle their friendship.

Before Amy heads back for her book tour, she takes Tom to a retirement home. Here they run a radio station and there is a DJ opening that Amy wants for Tom. The thing is that Tom needs to live in the retirement home to be a DJ. Amy tells Tom to sell his house and Pumpkin Everything so he can afford this retirement home.

A popular TV show, Hey Good Day, head over to Pumpkin Everything to do an interview with Amy about her new book. After the interview Amy and Kit go against each other and do a Scarecrow Dressing Contest. Ever since the interview, Tom has been getting more online business orders. He tells her that he will be selling her books in his store and that he would appreciate and advanced copy of her new book. She goes to her car to get it and when she comes back she sees her Grandpa on the floor because he tried to change a lightbulb. At the hospital Amy pressures Tom to selling the store, but he refuses

I honestly could not believe Amy. She is frustrating me. I know that she is coming from a good place, but how can you tell someone to just sell everything they have worked so hard to build?

Tom is now back home and Amy’s Mom tells him that he should look into fixing the house to fit his needs, like adding a ramp. Tom grabs Amy’s new book and starts to read it. Tom asks Kit if he would like to buy Pumpkin Everything so he can let it go and live in the retirement home and be the new DJ. Tom called Amy’s agent and had her do a book signing at his store.

Tom tells Amy that he sold the business to Kit. Kit asks out Amy to try dating and she agrees. And they kiss.

I liked that Amy and Kit got together, but I do wish there were a bit more of them hanging out. I understand that they are re-kindling their friendship, but I would have liked a little more romance of them realizing they are liking each other now.

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